Importance of Routine Vet Visits for Your Dog

If there’s one thing we can tell you about dogs, it’s that they make for the most affectionate, empathetic pets. The old adage that dogs are  “man’s best friend” is definitely still around for a reason. Dogs are fun to play with–they can keep you company while you’re doing mundane things like watching TV, and they help you cuddle the blues away whenever you’re sad.

Some dogs even help the elderly and the differently-abled to live lives that are fully functional–in many ways, they make the earth a safer place for everyone.

In the same way that dogs care for every family that they belong to, they deserve your love and care in return as well. Routine visits to the vet are a great way of maintaining your pet’s health and really showing how much you love and appreciate them. Regular check-ups also ease your mind when your four-legged is spending time in a doggy daycare centre while you have long and necessary appointments to attend.

A lot of dog owners take routine visits for granted because they think of vet clinics like hospitals where you only need to check in once you’re sick. This, however, is far from the truth: there are a lot of small, seemingly benign conditions which eventually lead to more serious–and even fatal–diseases.

In this article, we’ll be walking you through some of the most important facts about dogs, health, and why prevention is a lot better than cure. Below are some facts that might change your mind about how much and how often you choose to invest in your furry friend’s health.

Dogs Are Prone to Heart Infections

The thing about heart infections for dogs is that they usually start on the dental level. When dogs don’t have good oral hygiene, the bacteria that’s built up (and sometimes, calcified) around the tooth then makes its way through the cavity in the tooth and into the bloodstream, contaminating different organs and tissues, most commonly the heart.

Dogs need to have their teeth cleaned by experts on a regular basis–although on the surface, it might seem like having your dog’s teeth professionally de-plaque is a huge splurge, it’s actually a very wise investment. Since dental injuries are such a common cause of heart ailments, it’s crucial that dentists are able to monitor any cavities that your dogs might have.

In reality, you’re saving yourself from future medicine, procedures, and vet-overnight bills. Around 8 out of 10 dogs will die of heart infections–don’t wait for it to happen to your pet. Prevention and early detection and treatment are definitely key when it comes to stopping heart disease right in its tracks.

Home Remedies Aren’t Always the Best

Although we’re living in the world of WikiHow where everything can be Googled, home remedies aren’t always the best. Don’t get us wrong, we definitely know why they’re popular–they’re cheap and yes, sometimes, they work.

However, there are times when the damage home remedies do is a lot bigger than the alleviation that they offer. This might not be a chance you’d like to take when it comes to your pet’s safety–most especially if the condition is serious and if your pet is older.

Making your own home remedies could lead to pet death and unintentional poisoning because of uncertain ratios, misinformation about ingredients, and simply mismatching the treatment to the condition. It could, in fact, make your pets even sicker if they’re allergic to any of the ingredients that were used to make the home remedy.

On the other hand, the treatments, multivitamins, and medicine that are prescribed by vets and sold at veterinary clinics have all been bureau-approved and accredited. Make the safe choice and give your pets the opportunity to feel the difference.

Vaccinations Are Key to Longevity

Going to the vet also allows your pet to get their regular, scheduled dose of vaccinations. Vaccinations are the key to a healthy immune system and a long life. When you give your pets’ vaccinations, they become equipped with the capacity to play harder and have more fun.

Another benefit of vaccinations is that they don’t just protect your pets–they also protect you, should you be bitten or scratched. There are shots for rabies and for other types of viruses and bacteria that pets can pass on. Make sure that your pets have their complete shots. It could make a real difference in their quality of life.

Monitoring Progress

Bringing your pet to the same regular vet deepens the reach of your investment. Whereas going to a vet once is a good thing, it doesn’t really give the doctors and staff a chance to get to know your dog. Once you start going regularly, they’re able to see your pet’s habits, patterns, and behaviour. This will make it easier for them to spot when something’s wrong and recommend treatment.

Also, pets will need different things as they get older. The vitamins that you give to a puppy aren’t the same that you give to the family dog that’s been around for ten years. Going to a vet regularly makes sure that your pet’s age with grace, in a state of comfort.

Parasites, Diet & Grooming

One of the most common conditions that make life horrible for dogs is being infested by worms, ticks, or fleas. This can cause them to scratch and become weak, sleepy, lethargic. It affects their appetite and in some cases can cause severe diarrhea and dehydration which are very, very dangerous.

These tie in with what your pet is eating and how your pet is being groomed–worms and ticks are often acquired from playing outside in dirty areas and/or eating food that’s contaminated.

Going to the vet, such as Sugarland Animal Hospital, on a regular basis will help them monitor your pet’s diet and grooming habits, making it easier for them to avoid infestations. Also, should there be a problem with parasites, chances are they’ll be able to catch it before it becomes severe to the point of endangering your pet’s well-being.

Although picking a vet and choosing to take your dog once a month might require a bit of extra effort, it should definitely be worth it once you see how healthy and happy your dog is. Your small investment can go a really long way for your furry friend. Sprinkle them with that little bit extra TLC–they’re worth it!