I want my looks to reflect my gender identity

Having a body that does not quite feel like your own is a problem that many people can identify with. Sadly, it is a life or death issue that affects many in the gender non-conforming community. Trans individuals often undergo surgeries in order to look more like the gender they identify with. One of the largest groups that has actively sought out surgical alternatives for decades are AMAB women, people who were “assigned male at birth” and eventually complete a medical transition in order to align their bodies with their feminine identity. Among other procedures, facial feminization has become a procedure in high demand by transfeminine women.

Feeling that your face matches your gender

Society has some preconceived ideas about gender and beauty. Traditionally, these notions have been discussed within the frame of a gender binary: male or female, A or B, although nowadays the gender spectrum is increasingly much more diverse. Therefore, trans women often find themselves forced to submit to those standards of femininity and beauty which, inevitably, do not always coincide with the appearance they were born with. Studies show that, from an early age, we have a preconceived notion of faces looking male or female. People tend to expect facial gender confirmation automatically: to be addressed according to our gender expression after just a glance at our faces.

But every surgery process, no matter how small, needs to be considered with a high amount of respect. Thankfully, now there are clinics which can guide you along the process and inform you of every step to take on your way to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Procedures of facial feminization

Facial feminization surgery, also known as FFS surgery, is a procedure transgender women seek in order to make their faces look more feminine. By softening the bony contours of the face, patients can get a more delicate look.

Facial feminization surgery is an umbrella term that involves multiple kinds of procedures. Depending on the extent of feminization required, some people may need more chin or hairline work while others may only have masculine traits in the forehead and brow bone area.

Finding the correct set of procedures that fits your conception of self better is key. Professionals are able to assist with all the help you need to find the options and procedures that would make you look your best.  Below we outline some of the core procedures of facial gender surgery.

Forehead feminization

This procedure is one of the most frequent among the patients. It involves reconstruction of the anterior wall of the frontal sinus, which is basically the brow bone and orbital area. The main goal of this technique is to give the forehead a more rounded shape, while at the same opening the expression of the eyes.

Significant changes in the patient’s appearance are achieved just with this procedure.

Hairline Surgery

One of the fundamental gender markers of a feminine face has traditionally been the hair and hairline. By modifying the hairline of the patient we effectively obtain more feminine looks. The hairline can be changed in a myriad of ways, like hair transplant, microfeminization, replacement systems or hairline lowering surgery. Consulting with a professional is crucial to help define which combination and order of procedures would be ideal in your specific case, since each person has both unique requirements and objectives.

Chin and Jaw Surgeries

Typically, masculine chins and jaws demonstrate certain characteristics that stand out when compared with female faces. For example, male jaws and chins tend to be more muscular and square-shaped.

Changing the shape of both the chin and jaw can also have a dramatic overall effect on the face. This can be achieved through various procedures which often are not invasive, like botulinum toxin treatment. More pronounced cases may require a recontouring process, which might involve removing segments from the chin, for example, in order to change its appearance.

Lip surgery

The principal factor which indicates the gender of the lips is the distance between the upper lip and the nose, which is typically shorter in females. Feminine lips often also win in volume as well. Procedures like a lip lift or lip augmentation achieve more feminine looks with very simple methods.

Nose surgery

Traditionally, male noses are markedly distinct from their feminine counterparts. A feminization rhinoplasty permits us to make the nose smaller and with a more feminine contour that will match the rest of the face.

These are only a few of the options available if you want to pursue facial feminization surgery. For most women undergoing a gender transition, it can be a life changing operation. Finally, be sure to consult with multiple experienced professionals in order to be confident in moving towards your own personal goals in facial gender affirming surgery.