How to Tell If You Are a Candidate for Composite Veneers?

Sydney has 5.1 million population and millions of tourists visiting every year, making it among the most visited places worldwide. This world-famous city has a humid subtropical climate all over the year. Many people and Sydney are health conscious and want their entire well-being to be in good condition. This includes taking care of their dental health and appearance.

A popular dental procedure that Sydneysiders prefer is veneers. This is because the composite veneers Sydney is an easy and quick treatment for many dental problems. Veneers provide natural colour and appearance of teeth. They are durable, beautiful, and stain-resistant. There are many other advantages to having dental veneers. If you want this cosmetic procedure to enhance your smile, or achieve other purposes, find out if you are a good candidate for it.

Do You Have These Dental Issues?

Worn Down Teeth. The teeth wear down as you get older. Besides time, certain habits can speed up the process, such as teeth clenching or pen biting. Composite veneers can make a smile makeover by reshaping your teeth. But, you should address teeth grinding, in particular before a veneer procedure. This is because this habit can damage the bonding cement much faster. You may also wear a nightguard during sleep as it helps cushion the jaw muscles and weakens the tension when you clench your teeth.

Teeth discolouration or Stain. If you have stained or discoloured teeth, you can be a candidate for composite veneers. The procedure creates a healthy and fresh smile. Discolouration of the teeth can be an indication of aging. You may choose lighter tone veneers to create a youthful impression.

Crooked Teeth (or Misalignment). If you are looking to change the appearance of your smile due to crooked teeth, dental veneers can be the perfect solution. Crowded teeth make it easy for plaque and bacteria to accumulate, putting oral health at risk. This is because it can be difficult to clean the tight spaces of misaligned teeth. Also, when the teeth are creating pressure against each other, there is a high risk of chipping or cracking.

The process of composite veneers involves teeth straightening method, which means it fixes an uneven or crooked smile. What’s more, veneers can achieve this without installing braces and in a shorter period.

Gaps in Between Teeth. If you have gaps on your teeth but want to preserve your natural enamel as much as possible, you are a good candidate for dental veneers. When cementing the composite resin to the teeth, it requires minimal preparation. Veneers are also incredibly thin, allowing them to fit well together. With composite veneers Sydney, your dentist can close those unsightly gaps; thus, fixing your unhappy smile.

Narrow Arch. Having a narrow arch means you also have a narrow smile. Dental veneers are an effective procedure in cosmetic dentistry that can address your narrow smile. The veneers will build your teeth out to create the impression of a bigger smile. You dentist may recommend having a whiter share of veneer than your natural teeth, as it helps create a fuller teeth appearance.

Composite Veneer Procedure

Dental veneers usually entail a few trips to your dentist, including the consultation, the application, and the placement of temporary veneers before the final ones. The veneering process can take place at the same time, regardless of the number of teeth you need to treat.

When visiting your dentist, tell the professional your desired results. Your dentist will examine your teeth and assess your dental problems to determine if you are a good candidate for composite veneers sydney. You will know more about the procedure during this time, helping you decide if it is the right cosmetic procedure for you.