How to Store CBD Oil for Pets

Given the origins of CBD oil (a cannabis/hemp derivative), people have long hesitated about giving these products to their pets. Yet, as many studies have shown that this product is safe for human use, it has been concluded that it is safe to administer to animals.

You have to follow specific guidelines and look only for CBD oil made of hemp. Also, use the cannabis-based products intended for pets. Applying human-intended CBD oil will not harm your furry buddy, but it can be bothersome.

What is the difference between CBD oil for humans and animals, find out below:

Only oils that are used properly can produce the expected results. For how long the CBD product retains its healing properties depend on how you store it. Although these products have a shelf life, improper storage and disposal may cause them to spoil ahead of time.

Keep Away from Heat

Specific medicinal properties of cannabidiol can be achieved by heating (vaporization). But this component is generally not high temperature tolerant. Exposing it to temperatures above 200 degrees will cause the CBD molecules to break down almost immediately. That is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t put cannabidiol oil in the pet treats that you bake yourself.

The CBD bottle should stand on a cold, but not freezing cold, place. Put it a kitchen cabinet, a drawer in the night table, a shelf in the basement, or bathroom. It only matters that there is no source of heat nearby. Keep the bottle away from the fan, stove, and any other appliance that heats or heats while working.

If you live in hot areas, this way of storing cannabidiol oil is not helpful. In these situations, the advice is to keep this product in the refrigerator. Experts from do not suggest complete freezing.

Low temperatures do not alter the composition of cannabidiol but can affect the consistency of the bottle content. That shouldn’t worry you. Even if the oil thickens, it is enough to keep it in warmish water for a few minutes before use.

No Prolonged Light Exposure

This advice refers to the exposure of the products to direct sunlight. UV rays destroy cannabidiol molecules. Also, do not leave CBD products outside, nor near closed windows. These are great places for building up of heated air. If you bring the product out, keep it short. High light has almost similar effects on cannabidiol as high temperature

To store CBD oil, choose darkened and hidden places. Just make sure there is no moisture in them. Most pet care brands pack their products in specialized bottles that are tinted. These are mostly marked with UV or Sun protection. Whenever you can, buy products in these bottles. Quality packaging extends the shelf-life of products.

But, it is not the end of the world if you buy the CBD oil in a container or clear bottle. If you have a darker glass bottle where you can pour over the oil, do that. Or wrap the original pack in a few layers of aluminum foil. That will keep the content from light exposure and maintain the optimum liquid temperature for a long time.

Avoid Air Exposure

Air is all around us, and you cannot avoid exposing CBD oil to it. Yet, it should be kept to the least. That’s why manufacturers of cannabidiol-based oils pack them in airtight bottles, with lids that fit well. So if you notice that the cap is loose or there are air bubbles in the bottle, do not buy this product.

On the source below, find out how to check if CBD oil is rancid:

The air that gets inside the container will spoil the content. Cannabidiol and other nutrients, after prolonged exposure to oxygen, will start to break down. This process is called oxidative stress. The result will be a complete loss of the healing properties of the oil.

Try to keep the product in its original package. Always make sure it is correctly closed before disposing of it. If you already need to change the packaging, make sure the new bottle is suitable for storage. It should be tinted, non-porous, and airtight.

Storage can be a problem when traveling. Find something where the oil won’t heat up. Wrap the bottle in aluminum foil, or pack it in a thermos. Some specialized cup holders keep your drinks fresh. These gadgets can keep CBD oil from heating.

Pet owners worldwide are going wild over CBD oils for their furry buddies. There are many good reasons for this. The most important is the effectiveness of this preparation and the fact that it is entirely natural. There have been many different pet CBD-infused products available. Anyone can find the right dose of cannabidiol for their dog or cat.