How To Make Your TikTok Go Viral: 6 Hacks You Shouldn’t Miss

If you’re wondering how to make your TikTok go viral, you’re certainly not alone. With the app’s notable rise in popularity, everyone wants to be a TikTok star…even just for a moment.

But how can you make your TikTok go viral? There are a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when creating content for the app. Let’s talk about six ways that you can make your video blow up on TikTok.

How To Make Your TikTok Go Viral

1. Keep It Short And Rewatchable

What does this mean, exactly? Let’s talk first about keeping it short. TikTok is a fast-paced app, and you only have viewers’ attention for a few seconds while they decide whether they want to watch your whole video or not.

For this reason, it’s very important that you hook your viewers right from the beginning. If your video starts off slow, you’ll lose them before they get to the good part. TikTokers don’t like when videos are too long and take forever to get to the point.

In fact, the app just released a new “fast forward” feature so that users can skip ahead when they get bored. Your goal is to make sure that your video is interesting from the start and users don’t need to use this feature.

In other words, it’s best to keep your content short and snappy for the greatest chance to go viral. Grab their attention immediately, and then get to the point – fast.

As for the “rewatchable” aspect, you want your video to be both interesting enough and brief enough that viewers will want to see it more than once. If your TikTok is funny or interesting, viewers will tend to want to rewatch it. But, the length comes into play here again – they’ll only take the time to rewatch the video if it’s concise. Keep it short and sweet if you want people to consider it worthwhile to watch it over and over.

Check out this example. 

2. Work With And Learn From Influencers

Everyone knows that influencers really run the world of social media. People look to them to know the best trends and have the best social media strategies. So, you should also use the top TikTok influencers as an inspiration for what kind of content viewers are interested in.

And, of course, one definite answer to how to make your TikTok go viral is partnering with an influencer. Seeing a popular influencer typically makes users stop in their tracks and see what the popular TikToker has to say.

As we mentioned, influencers basically run the world of social media, so collaborating with an influencer will give credibility to your account and whatever message you’re sending. If you’ve partnered with an influencer, TikTok users are likely to give more credit to your account and view you as more worthy of being followed. Plus, seeing their favorite influencer in a video will definitely make a user stop to leave a like.

Another key ingredient in how to make your TikTok go viral is making sure to use audios that are trending at the time that you publish your video. TikTok trends move quickly, and many of them seem to be over as soon as they start. So, as soon as you hear an audio that you think you can use – create a video!

One of the best ways to go viral on TikTok is to join a trend. Everyone watches videos that follow a current trend, and everyone can relate to them, in a way. And, many TikTok trends revolve around specific audios. So, make sure that you pay close attention to the sounds and songs that rise in popularity on the app – one of them may just be your ticket to TikTok fame!

4. Use The Right Hashtags To Target Your Audience

Hashtags are another primary aspect of going viral on TikTok. The app is famous for the spot-on accuracy of its algorithm that determines what videos are shown to each user. A large component of this algorithm is hashtags. TikTok tracks the hashtags that are on the videos that a user commonly likes, and then it shows more videos with these hashtags to the user.

Additionally, TikTokers can use the TikTok search feature to find videos that are tagged with hashtags that appeal to them.  

This means you’ll want to include hashtags in your captions that’ll attract users in your target audience. Think of the purpose of your account and the type of videos you post. Who are these videos most likely to appeal to? Use this information to determine which hashtags you should include in your videos.

The hashtags you use should be specific and relevant to each video that you post. You should also include some hashtags that are relevant to your account or brand as a whole. And, don’t forget about trending hashtags. There are some hashtags that seem to be included on every viral post at any given time, so keep an eye on these.

Be careful not to use hashtags that are too broad or too specific. If your hashtags are too general, they are likely to get lost in a sea of other videos tagged the same way. And, if your hashtags are too specific, your video will not reach as many ideal viewers as it otherwise could.

Finally, make sure that you don’t use too many hashtags in a given video. Using an excessive amount of hashtags at once can cause your post to look spammy and unappealing to users. But, you should use enough that your video gets targeted to the right TikTokers.

5. Post Frequently And At Ideal Posting Times

Another important component of going viral on TikTok is knowing what time and day of the week you should post. The specific times each day are different for every creator, so you’ll need to get to know your account and your followers to determine the ideal time for publishing videos.

To know when it’s best for you to post on TikTok, you can simply go to your TikTok account and check out the metrics provided by the app. TikTok will track when your viewers and followers are most active, as well as tracking the times and days that your most popular posts were published.

All of this information will help you to determine when you should post videos in order to make sure they’re seen by as many viewers as possible, and this will help you to maximize your chances of going viral on TikTok.

Additionally, make sure that you post on TikTok often. Users will be more likely to engage with your content if they know that you post consistently and frequently. If your followers don’t see many posts from you, they’re more likely to lose interest and interact less with your content.Thus making it harder to grow your business on TikTok.

6. Share A Unique Idea Or Talent

If you want to know how to go viral on TikTok, just think of what people want or need. Everyone loves learning something new, right? If you have a helpful life hack or something creative that you have learned or come up with and you want to share this with the world…make a TikTok!

Users on TikTok love seeing new ideas that they haven’t thought of before. If you have an idea that’s different or out-of-the-box, share it with the world through TikTok. It may end up going viral, even if you don’t expect it to.

Also, if you have a special or unique talent, you should share this with the world via TikTok as well. This app is a platform for people to share what they have to say or what they can do. If you have a unique ability that makes you stand out, people will stop to watch.

Like we said in the beginning, one of the most important aspects of going viral on TikTok is making sure that you catch viewers’ attention. Do whatever you can to accomplish that goal!

Top Viral TikToks To Use As Inspiration

There are tons of viral videos on TikTok, so you can easily scroll through the app to find inspiration for how you can reach that same level. For now, let’s look at the top liked videos from five current trending hashtags on the app.

1. The Most Liked Video From #Photography

This post technically has the hashtag #StreetPhotography, but it’s still at the top of the charts for


2. The Most Liked Video From #GameDay

This ironic post had users laughing hard enough to make it the top liked post for #GameDay.

3. The Most Liked Video From #HalloweenDecor

Users love seeing the outrageous decorations in this candy-corn-inspired series under #HalloweenDecor.

4. The Most Liked Video From #BestFriend

This video is from a couple years ago, but it still has a place in TikTokers’ hearts and in the top liked spot for #BestFriend.

5. The Most Liked Video From #SalmonRice

TikTok users are going crazy over the simple, yet genius, leftover combination made of rice and salmon. Here’s the top liked post for #SalmonRice.  

Getting Started

Now that we’ve talked about how to make your TikTok go viral and six great ways to do this, as well as checking out some examples, do you feel prepared to blow up on the app?

People go viral on TikTok every day, so there’s nothing to say that you shouldn’t be next. Use these tips, and see how things go. You don’t have to try them all at once, but start to include them in your creating and posting routine. You’ll probably see some improvements – and, before you know it, you could be viral on TikTok!