How to Ensure Your Senior Parent Doesn’t Suffer from Loneliness

Do you have a senior parent who currently lives independently in their own home still? Have you been starting to notice signs or red flags that they may be suffering from loneliness, lack of stimulation, and even some signs of depression? Loneliness and social isolation are something that can occur with seniors who live on their own and it’s something that needs to be addressed. Loneliness can negatively affect a person mentally and physically and doing nothing won’t remedy the situation.

Here’s a look at how you can ensure that your senior parent doesn’t suffer from loneliness and social isolation, making sure their golden years remain happy, fulfilling, and filled with excitement.

Connect with Them as Often as Possible

The first tip is to make sure you connect with them as often as possible. Those connections can be in-person visits, video chats, or phone calls. The more you reach out, the less isolated they will feel. Now, this can be difficult if you have a busy schedule yourself, but you must make the effort.

Take Your Parent Out Regularly

Even if your parent is still mobile and can go out on their own, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of taking them out. That could mean taking them to do their errands or for recreational outings that are fun and exciting for them.

Encourage Them to Join Social Clubs and Activities

Most towns and cities have a senior club of some sort, and this is something you can encourage your parent to join. These clubs tend to offer recreational activities, sports, lunches and dinners, dances, and even comedy shows all arranged through the senior center. Not only does it get them out of the house, but they will be able to socialize and meet other seniors who live in their community.

Consider an Assisted Living Facility

Sometimes the above-mentioned tips aren’t enough, or they aren’t realistic for their particular situation. If that’s the case and you’re seeing signs of loneliness and social isolation then a solution can be to look at an assisted living facility. These facilities do offer help with everyday tasks and routines but they also provide seniors with a community that they can be part of.

All you have to do is look at the long list of recreational activities and events many of these facilities offer, and you’ll start to get a sense of how much socialization your parent could be getting. Brandywine Living, an assisted living in Maryland facility, can be a great option with a huge list of activities.

Just imagine your parent being able to take part in art classes, board games or card nights, fun seminars, exercise classes, and more. These are all social opportunities that will feed their mental and physical well-being.

The Sooner You Act – the Better

The thing about loneliness and social isolation is the longer a person is left in that state, the worse it gets. Recognizing the signs early so that you can act on them will benefit your parent immensely.