How To Enjoy The Holidays Being Single?

Being single is great, you have your freedom, nobody to nag you, no cheater to worry about. In short all good things. However, holidays are the only time of the year when singlehood doesn’t seem quite attractive. In spite of that, you can always charter a shared private jet and find the love of your life, who knows?

Everywhere you go during holidays, there is a horde of couples roaming around looking sweet, cute and cozy. During that time it is natural to feel dejected and depressed.

But fear not, we have compiled of list of things to do so you can easily enjoy holidays while being single.

  1. Embrace Your Freedom

When you are in relationship, you don’t exactly get to enjoy freedom. I’m not saying that being in a relationship is constricting but you have to consider the feelings of your partner as well.

This season you don’t have to dress to impress your boyfriend’s family. You can eat as much as you want. Unbutton your pants and eat your heart out or even better, wear sweatpants.

  1. Get This Chance To Focus On Family

In a relationship usually, you tend to focus on your partner more than your family. Maybe it is because of the fact that the relationship with your boyfriend is in its infancy.

Take this holiday as a chance to focus on your family. Plan thoughtful gift ideas to make them feel special.

  1. Make A Single Committee

If you are away from your family, then get this chance to mingle with your single friends. Plan a party or a night out to bond with the girls.

Because remember, the greatest thing a woman can have is a strong set of girlfriends. Trust me, they will dig out graves for you.

  1. Unleash Your Inner Dreams

Getting a break from a relationship can sometimes left a person feeling empty. A great way to utilize this time is to get a hobby. Start something that you have always dreamt of but never got enough time.

It can be anything, for example, a new language, crochet club, a book club, pottery lessons, etc.

  1. Enjoy A Movie Marathon

During holidays, you usually get invites as a couple for parties. One option is to hire someone as a plus one from hiring escorts in London or another option is to not go at all.

My advice is, stay at home, grab a jar of Ben and Jerry’s, put in a DVD and do a movie marathon like a pro. Trust me nothing is more uplifting than doing a marathon of holiday movies.

  1. Go Get Booty

Holidays usually bring binge eating sessions and an extra 20 pounds with them. A great way to utilize your holidays is to get your body back in shape.

This way you won’t have to make empty resolutions of starting you gym and actually get a head start.

  1. Meet With New People

Take this chance of singlehood to meet new people. It is not necessary that it has to develop into something. But rather enjoy the overall experience of getting to know different people.