How to Choose the Right Lighting For Your Home

Lighting makes all the difference in a room. It brightens up the whole decor and gives it life. It is another layer of designing your living space you need to consider. The idea is to accent the furniture and the space and also give it the feeling of warmth and home. 

It’s not always easy to pick the right thing when you start digging a little deeper so I decided to ask the pros at LF Illumination for advice, and here’s what I learned:

So Many Bulbs

You might have not put much thought into it, but choosing the right bulb is critical to ensure just the right amount of light for a specific room. You don’t want the exact same level of brightness in the bathroom and in the living room. Put some thought into the purpose of every room and how you personally choose to spend time in them. 

After that you can select the bulb that’s going to match and improve that experience. You also need to think about the wattage. You can count that by multiplying the square footage by 50. This way you can designate one main light source with a proper bulb power supported by lamps across the room.

Room Size

Ideally you want to measure the living space to better understand how the light will affect it. When you obtain those numbers you can count where to mount a fixture to get the wanted effect. Chandelier will shine differently depending on how high you put it. 

You also need to consider the material the light will be cast on. Smaller light sources are better if you want to highlight shadows, while bigger lights focus on the atmosphere.

Picking a Color

There’s also the color of a bulb you need to choose. This can drastically change the mood of the room. From bright white light to a more discrete orange shade you can dictate whether you want a working environment with focus on brightness and clarity, or you prefer a dimmer light to allow for more relaxation and rest. 

It is also good to install dimmers that let you manipulate the light and play with all sorts of moods. Light is very important as it can directly affect how you feel and provoke different sets of emotions. With that in mind, choosing the right color and brightness will change the entire room.

Materials and Shapes

It’s not only the lighting itself that matters, but also the size and the shape of all the fixtures. You want your home to be perfectly furnished and finalize it with the lighting that’s going to emphasise the hard work you put in. You also want your light source to match the furniture in terms of size, material and color. 

Achieving the perfect balance is not easy, but with the help of a professional designer you can materialize your ideas. Think about your personality and character. Think about all the people that are going to spend time there like your family and friends, then see which material and layout best fit that lifestyle.

Check With the Pros

You can very easily go wrong somewhere in your design thought process. Cowley Electrical Batemans Bay explains that unfortunately when it comes to electrical systems, having great ideas does not necessarily mean it translates well into reality. It is strongly recommended to have a pro double-check how you want to proceed with the lighting and also give suggestions.

This also counts when it comes when it comes to installations. You should never mess with electricity if you are not sure what you are doing. Call an electrician especially if you plan some more complicated procedures.