How to Choose CBD Oil for Dogs

When it comes to medical marijuana, most people still do not have enough information about it. So they hesitate to use the extracts of this plant to treat their pets. And since the CBD industry is not regulated yet, some doubts are justified.

What is undeniable is the fact that cannabidiol has many positive effects on the health and general condition of dogs. This substance is synthesized by the endocannabinoid system (which all mammals have). This system is in charge of the proper performance of all vital functions.

Any disruption in its work may cause the disease to occur. The vet will prescribe traditional medications, but owners can do more for their pups. They should find high-quality, organic CBD oil as an addition to conventional therapy.

In which conditions the use of CBD (cannabidiol) can be beneficial in animals, see at this link:

Look for Hemp-Based Products

Beneficial compounds found in cannabis are called cannabinoids, with THC and CBD being their most prominent representatives. There are many breeds of the marijuana plant, and each of them is specific in how much cannabinoids contain, i.e., in what quantity.

For dogs, it is safest to choose CBD oils extracted from hemp. This type of marijuana contains the lowest percentage of infamous THC and is abundant in cannabidiol. While THC for human use is not harmful in specific quantities and causes even pleasure, it does not have this effect in animals. Therefore, avoid products that contain THC or look for those with a minimal amount.

On labels of hemp products, be sure to look for the ‘full-spectrum’ tag. It means that a particular product contains not only cannabidiol but the entire spectrum of other cannabinoids (except THC) and terpenes (also found in hemp). Each has its benefits, and together they make a winning combination for the treatment of dogs suffering acute or chronic inflammation, pain, cancer, mental disorders, etc.

Type of CBD Extraction

Products from proven manufacturers in the pet care industry contain very detailed information on their packaging. That is why reading labels is essential before purchasing a CBD product. The method of extracting cannabidiol from hemp tells you how much of these compounds are in a particular product. This information is useful to know when determining the dose of cannabidiol for your pup.

There is not much to think about the extraction process – look for oils obtained by CO2 extraction. These are generally more expensive and top-notch products, also offered by Holistapet, but much safer for use in dogs and cats.

With this extraction method, there are no residues that can be potentially toxic to dogs. The concentration of cannabidiol obtained by the CO2 method is significantly higher than with the other type of extraction, which uses solvents like propane and petroleum.

Know the Origin of CBD Product

Before launch, all CBD dog products undergo numerous tests. Evidence of these examinations, as well as test results, are available in the certifications of analyses. This document guarantees that relevant institutions and trusted labs have tested the product.

If this certificate indicates that the hemp product is organic, it means that the origin and method of cultivation are known. Today it is crucial that the product is environmentally friendly – grown without the use of chemicals on unpolluted soil and water. One of the tests found in COA concerns the presence of contaminants.

And to customers, this information should also be relevant. Since all plants get most of their nutrients from the ground, you will certainly not opt ​​for CBD oils obtained from plants grown in polluted areas (near industrial areas, contaminated river flows, or highways).

Safety of CBD Oils

Based on the information provided on the packaging of the CBD product, you can conclude the origin of the product, who supplied it, and whether the product passed all tests. However, for some more detailed data, such as the frequency of side effects, you need to do a little more in-depth research.

This information is not something the manufacturer will present to you just like that. Corporations have figures – they don’t deal with specific cases of contraindications. On the other hand, online reviews, recommendations, and customer experiences are very helpful for this concern.

Keep in mind that the overall safety of cannabidiol is very high; as seen here, it has been proven harmless for both human and animal use. Since CBD has no psychoactive effects, there is no possibility of substance abuse in your dog, nor is this compound characterized as an opiate.

When the health of their dogs is at risk, owners will do anything to make their four-legged friends feel better. Modern medicine and veterinary medicine are very advanced, as are the knowledge about diseases, treatments, particular substances, like cannabidiol, and their benefits.