How to Choose a Viking Wedding Dress for Your Themed Wedding

Weddings make for some of the most memorable moments in our lifetimes. Your wedding day should be full of traditions and rituals that will be burned into your memory long after the day is over.

One of the best ways to make your wedding even more memorable is to choose a themed wedding. With only 9% of couples planning a themed wedding, your unique wedding is sure to be remembered. If you and your new spouse love all things Norse, a Viking wedding is sure to be a hit.

If you are considering adding a Viking wedding dress to your special day, keep reading to explore classy options. We’ll even help you nail down the perfect dress style for your themed wedding.

Handfasting Ritual

The handfasting ritual is an important part of Viking weddings. During the ceremony, the couple’s hands are tied together with ribbons or cords while they exchange their vows. These ribbons or cords symbolize the union and the couple’s commitment to each other. 

When picking a Viking-themed wedding dress, it’s important to remember that this ritual needs to take place. You don’t want to pick a dress that hinders the cords from being tied or a material that will allow the ribbon to slip off your wrists. 

The Rings

Viking wedding rings are often easy to identify due to the intricate patterns and deliberate use of gemstones. If you see a Viking-inspired ring, you can easily place it as such without scrutinizing it.

A good way to tie your entire wedding theme together is to use the wedding ring as the starting point. When looking at dresses, think of the patterns found on the ring, the gemstones, and the metal used. These aspects can all help you pick the perfect Viking wedding dress.

If you haven’t picked out rings yet, you can view these Viking wedding rings.

Incorporate Nordic Viking Traditions

While movies and TV shows have dramatized the Viking era, if you want to stay true to your theme, you should consider what traditional Nordic Viking women would wear.

Generally, Nordic Viking wedding dresses were simple and elegant. The bride would wear a long wool or linen dress that would be embroidered or decorated with embellishments. The bride would also wear a simple wool or fur cloak to keep her warm.

Most Nordic Viking wedding dresses would have a belt and long sleeves. The neckline would also usually be square or rounded.

Consider a Viking Wedding Dress

When it comes to picking a Viking wedding dress, you have to consider your theme, personal beliefs, and the general design of your wedding rings. You want the entire theme to work together, so choosing a focal point, whether it’s your rings or a specific ritual, will help you plan out the rest of your wedding. So go ahead and start looking at bridal outfits that fit a Norse wedding.

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