How to Be Cool With Young People

Listen. We all know what it’s like to get older .First, You are young and Invincible. You know what’s up, you think old people are “so lame” and the world is your oyster. But then, you start getting out of touch with the newest trends.  In this article, we’ll talk about the best and coolest ways to be hip and cool with the young people currently. 

What do the youngsters like, anyway? 

Think about young people. What are they most interested in? You’re probably thinking of something like “Oh their phones!” or “Oh! They only care about those darn video games!” In reality, we can see what young people want by digging a little deeper. What exactly is it that the youth like about their phones and video games? By answering this question, we can actually understand what young people value.

Awesome stuff 

When young people check their phone, and spend hours on social media, what are they really looking for? They’re looking for things that are epic, and what’s popular at the moment. This can be anything really, and young people are especially easy to track in this way. I mean, think about it, all the youngsters are consuming the same mass culture, using the same platforms, and posting the same hashtags. So why not hop on the train, and see what’s happening? There’s two really easy ways to get a quick understanding and connection with young people:

  1. Just do your homework and figure out what it is teens are chatting about these days. At any given moment, there’s some trend, hashtag, or story that’s flooding the internet. Find out what it is and bring it up subtly. For example, if you’re a teacher, you can casually use young person slang in your next lesson, and students will respect you more for it. 
  2. Find a cool hobby, and be proud of it. These days, people are all just sitting around on their phones, not really doing much at all. If you can be good at something cool, young people call that a “flex”. We’ll even get you started. Here’s the best affordable crossbow money can buy. 

Get hip with the internet

In the 90s (and even the early 2000s), there were a lot of people who came out and said that the internet was just some fad. They were sorely mistaken. The internet is not only used by everyone. It’s used especially among young people. This means that getting in on this trend is more important than ever. You need to study up with the internet. Do stuff on your phone. Find out what the newest app is. Hey! You could even create your own viral site with Ignite Digital SEO Agency. The truth is, as long as you’re participating on the internet and spending time following trends, young people will notice, and start to like you. 

Know how to have fun

The age old dilemma from generation to generation is that people say “All this silly generation cares about is leisure! All they want to do is party!” and honestly that’s pretty true. Every generation gets a little more party animal than the last. So loosen up a bit. Get some fancy wine from Evoke Winery and start throwing some parties. All the youngsters will dig it.