How The Government Can Help Us Stay Healthy

Our society has a responsibility to help people stay safe, secure and well in any way that it can, as the wellness of the general population benefits everyone. A group of citizens that is thriving can help society as a whole stay stable, and also offer more help to those who are disabled or elderly and unable to work. The ideal  great society is for those in positions of responsibility to enact laws and work to benefit the greater good. We all want to have healthier citizens and population areas that are clean and thriving, which is why mandatory laws for the safety of many have always been at the foundation of our country.

Mandatory laws for the safety of many

One of the most recognizable places in which safety laws have had a great impact on the overall rate of public safety is the area of drunk driving prevention. Drunk drivers are undoubtedly a major menace to society, as countless innocent people have been killed or injured over the years due to reckless driving by drunk drivers. In response to this major problem, pilot programs have been initiated in many states for the installation of an ignition interlock that works with a breathalyzer. When the local Low Cost Interlock installs this device in the car of a person who has a record of drunk driving, they keep the driver from being able to start their car. These systems have proven to be effective in keeping chronic drunk drivers off the road and away from innocent people, and more support for these programs will go a long way towards keeping the public safe.

Government changes on medicine

One of the most newsworthy topics concerning the government and health is the passing of medical marijuana in more than half of all states as well as Washington D.C. While still illegal at the federal level, 29 states have passed medical marijuana legislation that allows its use for many ailments. Medical marijuana doctors in Florida, for example, are able to recommend medical cannabis to patients for a long line of debilitating conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS, Parkinson’s, or other medical conditions of the same class. These laws are particularly important to the President’s declaration of the opioid crisis, where many patients seeking relief from pain are turning to medical marijuana instead of opioids, which can be highly addictive and can result in overdose.

Government programs and spending

There’s no question that today the political situation in Washington, D.C. can get extremely volatile, as the two parties go back and forth about what laws can really work positive changes in our country. Yet as tough as it gets at times, the fact is that we do have many laws here that work well to protect people and keep us all safe, healthy and well.

In the past, we’ve had many government initiatives that help encourage good health habits for people, like nutrition and dietary guidelines as well as initiatives regarding making school lunches more healthy for children. The government support for better access to healthcare, through the Affordable Care Act, is another government action that has gone a long way towards keeping people healthy through better access to healthcare and disease prevention.

Programs that support exercise in schools, like the Presidential Fitness Program in place in the 1960s, are another way to instill good habits in the population. Government programs that educate children on the need for good fitness habits are wise, as good habits that start early are the most lasting. It’s hard to make changes and mode

As more and more of these systems are put in place and required by law, such as the punishment for repeat drunk driving offenders, we will see more safety on the roads and less tragedy in society in general. All of this will benefit our society greatly, and it’s another example of how our government can enact rulings that help support the good of all.