How Pocket Pussies Can Benefit Adult Males 

Who says every man out there can’t own the next best thing to a vagina, never heard about pocket pussies. They are designed to look and feel like the real deal, plus they are travel-friendly, so you can easily tuck them in your pockets as you travel. For guys who love to have the best types of orgasm when they self-service, know that gone are the days of wanking into the hands with this site!

You would agree that technology is helping to improve sex and romance for singles and couples. You can find tech products that take the carnal experience for both men and women to a whole another level. For women, there are vibrators and dildos shaped like the penis, while men too can find pocket pussies that provide similar sensations to intercourse with a female.

There is no lie that a lot of people would rather keep mum about masturbation, and for guys, we tend to take the “Bro Code” seriously, which is why the best pocket pussies are made to be discreet.

Not sure whether you want to consider sex toys for men, below are a few reasons you should.

Sex Toys for Men

The act of sexual pleasure between opposite-sex dates back to the earliest times, and the same goes for masturbation and self-service. Over the years, there has been advancement in science and technology, and it is no surprise that sex toys have become a big industry thanks to the Porn Industry’s efforts as well, and these toys are standard gear in many bedrooms.

While it may be sexy to find a dildo or vibrator in your lady’s bag, most guys wouldn’t feel good with themselves when caught with a pocket pussy. So they instead not buy one than have to go through the ordeal of hiding it from others. But for those who don’t mind the risk, there are a few good pleasure tools to increase the erotic experience when having alone time or with your partner. You can check here for ways to improve the chemistry in the bedroom for couples. Some of the popular sex toys for men include

  • Male dildos
  • Pocket pussies
  • Penis pump
  • Anal plugs
  • Penis ring
  • Strokers and masturbators

The truth is that for most straight guys, they usually don’t own many of the toys above. One popular toy most guys own is the pocket pussy and the strokers and masturbators. While the pocket pussy is a toy vagina you stick your cock into, the strokers are more like sleeves designed to roll over the penis. But you can be sure to enjoy some good deal of sexual pleasure using any of these male sex toys whilst enhancing your experience by visiting

Choosing the Right Sex Toy

It all boils down to how you love to enjoy masturbating. For most guys, it may be okay to jerk off with soaps and lotions, while others don’t mind sticking their junk in a cucumber or watermelon. Whichever category you belong, you want your toy to provide maximum excitement when you play with them.

Most sexually active guys would love to have intercourse with a female they are attracted to. It is also true that a lot would stick their dicks into any pussy, including those made from plastic. If you are shopping as a first-timer, I advise you to look at the direction of those vagina toys that offer the most satisfaction and that you can easily conceal. There are useful tips here on how to buy sex toys if you are a shy person.

Pocket Pussies

They are the next best thing to banging the hell out of a hot chick. The only difference is that she doesn’t get to call you daddy while you spank her all over the place. But your penis will get a lot of action and, you, satisfaction at the end of the day. You can find them available in different colors and sizes, but they are usually shaped like the female organ.

To make use of it, you will have to use water or oil-based lubricant depending on your preference, reduce friction, and then insert your erect penis into the opening. It usually doesn’t leave injuries to the penis, but it is common to suffer from accidents when you jerk hard on the penis or push your junk in forcefully.

Benefits of Pocket Pussies

Still, unsure whether to get one yet, you can see a list of some of the benefits of sex toys for men.

  • Pocket pussies feels like the vagina
  • Little risk of STD with toys (None if you don’t share and stay faithful)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Long-lasting
  • Portable
  • Easily affordable

Depending on your preference, you can find just the right one to help get you in the right mood and relieve sensual tension. There are sleeves available designed with the vagina model of famous porn stars, so why not get those and combine virtual reality for a different type of sexual adventure with yourself.

You can also find options that provide the sensation of either vagina or oral pleasure, and it is only a matter of deciding which one you want. Here is the top 5 list for 2020, so you may want to check it out if you are looking for quality options. Single guys are not the only ones who can find these male packages to be useful. Sex toys could also add more excitement in the bedroom for couples looking to explore. So why not surprise your partner with a few sex toys this season.

Final Note

You want to be careful when in the market for toys to enhance erotic pleasure. For guys, you should make sure that the vaginas you stick your dick in are risk-free, and this includes both the fake and real deal.