Holidate: The Perfect Non-Binding Solution for Singles During the Holidays 

Recently, Netflix released a trailer for the John Whitesell chick flick, Holidate. The teaser suggests that the story is about two strangers who agreed to be each other’s holiday date so they can escape the scrutiny of their nosy family members. It’s a relatable story, especially among men and women who often hear questions like “Are you seeing anyone?”. Some may think that the story is just pure fiction. However, it somehow gives the audience a peek of the many interesting trends in modern-day dating.

Getting a holiday date – not an impossible feat

Today, you can find plenty of sites that offer a fake boyfriend or girlfriend for hire. Males have the option to go to websites like Babylongirls to hire a female companion when attending special events. The same goes for females. Some agencies offer such services because of the growing market demand. Some folks are far too busy to go on dates.

It’s a no-strings-attached solution that can discourage inquisitive family and friends from teasing you. Besides that, you also get to enjoy good company during the busiest holidays of the year. Also, people who work in this industry are often good-looking and well-mannered. Hence, they can definitely impress the crowd.

While such a service does come with a price, at least you get to avoid unwanted attention. It’s an excellent band-aid solution until you’re ready to finally put yourself out there.

Alternatively, you can try finding a willing soul to pretend as your partner for the holidays. You might find someone like you who wants to be left alone by nosy folks during get-togethers.

A drastic change in the dating scene 

Across the world, there have been a lot of changes in how people go on dates. Compared to the previous decades, men and women today tend to marry or commit to a long-term relationship later in life. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason behind these changes because there are many possibilities. Sadly, because of the stark differences between the dating generations, some find it okay to ask questions like “when are you planning to get married?”

A holiday date with a fake BF/GF or perhaps someone you know from work (or other places) might just be your saving grace. If you want to, you can even come up with specific rules or arrangements. At the end of the day, you and the willing participant get to enjoy a win-win solution.

It all boils down to your choice

There are only a few weeks left before the holiday season begins. Even with the current situation, families still plan to continue their traditional reunions. If you’re still single by that time, you might want to get some inspiration from the characters of Holidate. What do you have in mind? Are you going to join the festivities this year without a plus one? Will you opt to hire a professional male or female escort? Does enlisting the help of someone you know sound like a good option for you? The choice is all yours.