Hartford and Southington Demographics and How This Relates to the Work of Michael Giuffrida


When considering the work of a plastic surgeon like Michael Giuffrida, it is important to understand that the work that they do varies tremendously depending on the demographics of their city. For instance, someone working in a new and upcoming city with lots of Millenials is likely to offer a lot of Botox. By contrast, someone who operates in an area that has many retirees would be more likely to offer face lifts.

Michael Giuffrida’s Work in Hartford and Southington

The last time population data was collected for those two areas was in 2016. It showed that there were just over 40,000 residents in Southington, a small increase since 2010. Population density was around 1,000 per square mile, which is about average. Of interest is that there is a significant difference between the male average age and the female average age, with women being 46 on average and men being around 43. This can have quite an impact on the type of plastic surgery that is offered. Indeed, the biggest generation in the two is those in their 40s, which could point to a larger number of botox procedures as well. On the other hand, with 59% of the population being married, it can also be assumed that there is less demand for cosmetic procedures in general.

Hartford, meanwhile, is far larger, with a 2017 population of 124,320. Interestingly, this is a decline since 2010. Usually, when there is a population decline, the impact on plastic surgery procedures is that demand starts to drop, because decline is either due to economic difficulties or due to people dying. On the other hand, one of the reasons why the population has declined in Hartford is believed to be because it so densely populated, with around 7,153 per square mile. The average age in Hartford is 30.6, which is young. This means that more significant procedures such as the breast lift or Brazilian butt lift, are more likely to be performed here. 29.5% of people in this city are under 20 years old, however, and they are the least likely age to have plastic surgery.

Demographics matter and have a significant impact on the work of plastic surgeons. For them, it means that they need to consider which specializations they should have, as there is little point in retraining in something like Ulthera if there is no demand for the procedure at all. People like Michael Giuffrida, therefore, must learn to understand the changing needs, demands, and faces of their community in order to ensure their skills remain relevant.

Both Hartford and Southington are unique locations in Connecticut that move quite significantly outside of the overall state averages. This makes them interesting places to work for professionals of various trades. All, whether they are plumbers or heart surgeons, must take demographics into consideration as this is what drives demand for their work overall.