Global Actions To Counter Rising Terrorism Situations And How Effective Are These

Terrorism is defined as the intimidation and use of violence against ordinary citizens to achieve a political purpose. In our daily lives, we consider all forms of violence and inhumane activities to be terrorism, but in reality, it is always backed by a political motive. The terrorist activities are disrupting global peace, and it is the need of the hour to counter them.

Be it the rising graph of Qatar’s economy or the advanced infrastructure of the United States, terrorism can bring this all to a standstill. Therefore, to establish world harmony, United Nations tries devising counter-terrorism schemes in all the member countries. Various organizations are in action to always endeavor and make the world a better place.

A state of international affairs

Terrorism is not considered to be the internal matter of any state or country. It is regarded under the global framework of the legislature. International legal cooperation is provided to all countries in criminal issues related to terrorism. A multidimensional approach is also suggested to all nations to avoid extremist and radical ideologies, which generally tend to give rise to terrorism.

The age of new media

The new media or the internet has captured significant sectors of the world. Even terrorism has not been spared from its regards. Internet is vehemently used to spread terrorism, be it in the form of posting evocative videos or by calling out mass cooperation for an illegal task. It is the job of media conglomerates and social media website owners to filter out these contents and keep the internet a safe place as it is. The use of the internet to spread terrorism is firmly declined.

Security of potential threats

The security system of all nations is being enhanced so that they are well equipped to fight with terrorism. Arrangements are made so that the alert of a potential attack can reach the country and its citizens very easily. Once they are alert, the chances of a terrorist attack automatically go down. In case of an attack still, the losses are considerably less, and the state is prepared for the reconstruction of the damages.

Understanding radicalization

To convert people into terrorists, robust methods of radicalization are used. The UN recommends that if any alteration in behavior or any melancholic traits are noticed in any person, it is essential to bring in the notice of the authorities. If one can get a hold of the people while they are undergoing the process of radicalization, their minds can still be saved from utter irrationality. Medical assistance should also be provided to all those under suspicion or proven guilty.

Securing external borders

Right from Europe to the United States of America, all nations must maintain their border security. For ordinary people, firm enter and exit registration methods should be employed to check the mass immigration of illegal refugees. Even the boundaries with neighboring countries should be secured all the time with army and military protection so that there is no breach of security.

Cutting the finance of terrorists

The arms and ammunition require massive capital investment to be established. This money reaches the terrorists by money laundering from the countries and excessive corruption behind the pages. Measures are being taken to curb the crime and create a more transparent means of all monetary exchange. Anonymous prepaid cards and virtual currencies are also increasingly used to confuse the authorities and fund the terrorists. All such mediums must be checked thoroughly from time to time so that no terrorist activity can breed on the grounds of your finance.


The promotion of dialogue upon counter-terrorism between organizations and individuals is very important. State authorities, media, and public companies all should try and talk about the measures to prevent terrorism. Even the private sectors encompassing business, industries, healthcare, all should create awareness amongst the common people against terrorism.

Protection of human rights

As a pillar of the ideologies of the United Nations, terrorism is a direct threat to the fundamental freedom of human beings. Therefore, the UN works towards the protection of these human rights and the fundamental policies as a legal unit. Sabotage of these ideals stands in the way of counter-terrorism activities, and the UN does not encourage such motions.