Glass links

Glass links are special glass constructions that connect two buildings. They perfectly suit those house owners who have two buildings. Also, glass links are often installed between old and modern buildings. For example, a lot of house owners build additional houses in a modern style for relaxing or for guests visits. If you don’t have a big house but you have a big family or a lot of friends, then you definitely enjoy inviting them to your house. An additional building is a perfect place to let your guests stay.

Modern glass links allow walking from one building to another without going outside which is especially convenient during snowfall or rainfall.

Glass links are not only used for connecting two or more buildings but create additional rooms. By using a bespoke glass link, the space of your property increases. You can use a newly created room as a living space, a library, or a room with a wardrobe.

Glass Links – The Best Practical Solution

Glass links are the best for making the house more spacious. We have a huge experience in manufacturing, supplying and installing glass constructions. The number of house owners who choose glass instead of bricks and concrete grows significantly. Installing a glass structure is easier and safer. We manufacture a durable glass that allows us to create safe and long-lasting constructions.

If you are a fan of minimal design and wish to add space to your existing house, we can create an amazing bespoke glass construction that will suits your house perfectly.

Our glass links are practical and serve practically. Depending on the size of the glass extension, it can serve as a room. A contemporary glass link is not only shelter between two areas but a fully functional room.

We manufacture single glazed as well as insulated glass links depending on the house owners’ requirements. Glazed links offer warmth and comfort making several buildings look like one whole modern and very beautiful building.

Designing Glass Links

If you don’t want your glass link to be just an indirect connection between two buildings, consider a smart designing. What does it mean? For instance, you won’t be able to have sockets in glass walls. Instead, sockets will have to be equipped on the floor.

Take care of the position of furniture if you are planning to use it the glass link. Some furniture can’t be placed against glass walls. The position of glass links is also important. Make sure that your glass link has a nice view and is not hidden from sunlight.

These are the general recommendations that we provide for house owners who are considering getting glass links built. By cooperating with our creative designers, you will be able to have a house that you have always been dreaming about.

Entrust Installing Glass Links To Professionals

We have manufactured and installed a myriad of high-quality glass links. Having a glass link is not only beautiful from inside and outside but beneficial for your health. Enjoying pretty views through the glass and seeing more sunlight than usual will make you a happier person.

If you are ready for changes and think that glass will perfectly suit the exterior design of your house, entrust us We have a huge experience and plenty of successfully completed projects for our customers all over the UK.

Our designers have a sense of style and know what will make your property look prettier. Our big experience in the industry, using the latest technologies and caring for our customers’ needs, allow us to be leaders in supplying and installing glass links.