Five lessons businesses can learn from social media platforms

Social media has lately taken everyone by storm, rising in popularity exponentially around the world. For instance, Instagram now has over 800 million active users, while Facebook has 2 billion active users every month. Another popular social media platform is Snapchat, which has monthly active users numbering 180 million, while they send at least 3.5 billion snaps every day.

While it is undeniable that these social media platforms are so popular, many still question the validity of these networks.This happens especially when you are trying to build a business, or doing other things such as using third-party services that allow you to buy 50 instagram followers daily to grow organically. The common assumption is that they are a waste of time, and they constantly wonder why so many people are highly obsessed with them.

However, the better approach would be asking why this is so. After all, you need to understand what makes people so excited when approaching the subject of these apps, and what makes them worthy of your attention. These platforms offer many lessons on the secret of success, and you can learn a lot about technology when you study them in depth. Read on to find out some reasons that make them highly popular.

They focus their energy on improving the experience of their users

Each of these platforms have a dedicated team that works behind the scenes to improve user experience. In addition, they do their best to focus their energy on optimizing their applications to improve the experience of their target users, beginning from the initial downloads to the daily use.

The high levels of customization ensures that they consistently promote high engagement levels in their users. This is because they know what will attract users and what will ensure they stay there. For instance, the feed on Facebook is highly customized for the user, and it greatly depends on who the user is following as well as posts that get high engagement. The feed has a specific design that appeals to each user. In addition, Snapchat makes it easy for their users to see many stories within a short time.

All these social media platforms want to ensure their users have a good experience. Because the experience is different, the content will also be different for each user.

Part of enhancing the user experience is by placing the various buttons at different places, and each feature seems to be exactly where it is supposed to be because the interface is very intuitive.

The long term focus

It would probably shock you if you found out that Facebook has been around since 2004, and they are still successful – this is because of their long-term thinking. There is also their acquisition of Instagram, which is a perfect example of their long-term focus, and the consideration of virtual reality and other projects.

If you are considering succeeding in Instagram or any other social media platform, it is very important to have a long term strategy. This avoids the mistake of making choices just because of instantaneous rewards. Many short term decisions may lead to the failure of your business a few years later, but proper future planning should pay off very well.

The appeal to human ego

Even though the functionality of profiles all these platforms give you is not the healthiest, it still gives the user a chance to show themselves on an online platform. That means they have total control over the things they want to show and what they do not. The reactions they get from others regarding their posts is similar to the dopamine release in the brain when you take drugs or do a relaxing activity.

The thing is that many people prefer being in a world where they can control the narrative, and never show their weaknesses to others – instead of living in reality where you make mistakes. The cycle of posting and getting positive feedback from others can quickly become highly addictive.

Allowing people to communicate with each other easily

The rise of social media is mainly attributed to the ease of communication with others, and it is a major component of these social platforms. Before them were other methods such as text messaging, although Facebook was the first to enhance communication between people living in different countries. Snapchat improved it even further through introducing photo messaging, so that you can see the person you are communicating with.

Human beings have always been social creatures, so when you get the chance to talk to and connect with others, despite the boundaries, you see it as a valuable opportunity. It is very easy to connect to others using these social media platforms.

They allow you to do numerous things at a go

These platforms are also excelling because of their ability to curate your content, as well as acting as a source for entertainment. For instance, when you examine the activities Facebook offers you, it is not simply connecting with others. It also gives you a chance to show off photos, read your local news and international news, creating an interesting profile, and playing games.

There are some social platforms that are emerging as well, such as GAMEE, which is a mobile gamming social network. They are continuously striving to bring higher levels of convenience to various niches they cover.

The ecosystem of GAMEE in particular, aims to bring players together to compete against their friends, as well as communicating with each other concerning previous games. In fact, this platform is set to change the way the gaming space is evolving, especially in the mobile realm.

Instagram and Snapchat have also made some activities that make it easier for more users to check their feeds on a daily basis, and highlight moments they may have missed. This allows the users to get all they need in one place, which helps in improving engagement and traffic statistics.

Final thoughts

All these platforms have lessons they can teach businesses, no matter what kind of niche you operate in. enhancing the user experience is a major part of getting customers to support your brand more, and create consumer loyalty.