Finding a job in Denmark as a foregner

It’s hard for a foreigner to find a job in Denmark, but it’s possible depending on your skills and what you can do better than a Dane. Because, Frankly, they’re more likely to recruit him, thinking that all things are the same between you and the Danish man. Again, before you start searching for a job in Denmark, you need to know if there are any steps you need to take before you can legally work there.

Nonetheless, the Danish workplace is about a dream team that does stuff, and there is an implicit expectation that an outsider would just not fit into it. Going back to the original point, you need to demonstrate what you can do differently from your Danish rivals to solve this. A Danish certificate also helps.

This is also recommended to serve as an assistant in a Danish daycare centre. Jobs don’t pay well, but they are fairly easy to get, particularly for men in Copenhagen. Personally, the children speak Danish in a very clear way, which makes you the perfect match. If you’re not working for a private corporation, and the third sector is more your market, then a large team based in Copenhagen also has UNICEF jobs available. Details can be found online. Medicon Valley is a big draw for life science companies to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities in this growing field as well. It is a perfect location for students to work part-time

Keep in mind that it’s not enough to learn English. Again, you need to have certain skills. Analysis, to be more accurate. What kind of skills are missing in the business. Highlight your CV in the best possible way. Tell your future boss that you are the problem solver they need. Read also how to move to denmark.

There are some more tips. Danish people love LinkedIn, so get a really spicy look in your LinkedIn profile. Please put up a professional image that reveals your real face. One man had a picture of himself at a reception, maybe a reception of his own, wearing a little white skin. Another guy took a screenshot of where he was in a nightclub drinking a bottle. Nope, this isn’t innovative. Whatever type of clothing you wear for work, you must have a clear picture of yourself smiling and looking good. If you’re a music artist, you don’t have to wear a suit. Maybe it’s a smart idea if you’re a banker. Danes are casual, so a fine, colorful blouse or sweater is awesome.

And second, pay someone to look at your LinkedIn profile and make sure it’s in very good English. In Denmark, I hired people, and it’s always crazy for me to have so many cvs and cover letters in awful English. There’s a website called Fiverr where people can copy your CV or LinkedIn profile for just US$ 5. The investment is certainly paying off.

Most of the jobs are never advertised, but rather they are filled with word of mouth, ensuring that your network is the most valuable resource when you’re looking for a job. When you’re going to a new location as well, this may sound like a challenge, but don’t panic. Once upon a time, the transparency that the internet provides makes this approach much simpler.

Good luck with your career in the future!