Few Essential Things, You Should Know about Melanotan Peptide

Melanoton is mainly marketed as a tanning agent and it is preferred by many people because of its various benefits. It doesn’t damage your skin, which often is the case while you are tanning your body under the hot rays of sun.

Is this wonderful product suitable to enhance the dark skin pigmentation?

Melanoton is a peptide that has is responsible for multiplying melanin in the body. It is sold as Melanotan 1 and 2 and is suitable to darken the appearance of the skin.

The dissimilarity between Melanotan 1 and 2:

Melanotan peptide-I has a mild effect compared to Melanotan II. The former is best for first time users.

Melanotan-I is safe to use and promises to promote negligible side effects. Even people gone through medical therapy to cure severe ailments can use this synthetic hormone in limited dosage.

Mainly in the global market both kinds of melanoton peptide are available in 10 mg packet. Lower proportions are stacked for selling to maintain the freshness of the packed powder.

Proper method to take the dosage:

Normally, you need to inject the solution of the melanotan peptide powder and bacteriostatic twice a day. It will be beneficial to have the injection or the powdered dose before you are exposed to UV rays of the sun.

Melanotan I dose begins from 1mg twice a day to 1.5mg for two weeks. The other concentrated type of melanotan stays quite active in the body for maximum thirty-six hours. Thus, you need to take lower doses of this type of med. You can even take melanotan 2 twice a week for reducing the effect of health issues related to this synthetic hormone.

Which mode of applying the med is best?

Injecting the liquid solution in the powerful format is quite effective. You can experience the desired result in a couple of weeks after using the liquid composition. The formulation of nasal spray is half effective as compared to the injecting solution. Moreover, nasal spray needs to be used more often for observing its effect.

For maintaining the body after achieving the result, you can have the med in lower dosage for few weeks.  The results can be achieved in quickly, if you expose yourself to sun rays for limited time every day.  To know proper administration of this synthetic hormone, try to get advice from its regular users or ask your medical advisor.

Health issues:

Melanotan 2 is stated to induce certain health issues if taken in higher quantity. Consuming substandard dosage may be quite harmful for your health. Thus, make sure to buy the product from trustable seller rated highly by its earlier consumers. If you find any infection affecting your skin then reduce the dosage level to minimum.

Melanotan peptide has proved to be quite beneficial and the benefits are as follows –

  • To raise the level of melanin
  • To lose excess body fat
  • Keep the skin tone even, enjoy sexual pleasure by enhancing libido and to wade of premature aging symptoms