Essential security tips to keep data safe in your app

Keeping private information safe and secure is the sole priority when it comes to mobile apps. There are some unethical apps which may collect your precise location data and phone identifiers without your knowledge. The situation is overwhelming while considering all the personal stuff you have on your phone – names, dates, passwords, card information, photos and so on. Anyway, some security measures can be employed to protect your personal data when using apps.

Exert a password manager

The random strings of characters such as letters, numbers, and symbols together make a strong password. It is pretty difficult for a computer to crack but these complex passwords are hard to remember. So, employing a password manager can keep all your passwords in one encrypted and password protected app. With a password manager in your hand, you can set different hard-to-breach passwords for multiple accounts. Plus, casino games for mobile phones can also be enjoyed.

Use a VPN on public Wi-Fi

A virtual private network(VPN) can keep your data from being meddled on by other people lurking on the same public network. It can also seal your data transmissions, avoid filtering and censorship on the internet and allow you to access a wider variety of content around the world. Irrespective of how often you plan to use a VPN, it is essential to read through the service agreement so you know what data might be collected and where it will be stored.

Be cautious of app permissions

The most essential tip is double-checking which permissions the app asks for. An app asking for access to data irrelevant to its function is a major alarming sign. In addition to paying attention to permissions that you grant to an app, it is also necessary to monitor how your phone behaves after you download it. If after installing an app, you notice your battery life drastically falls than usual, that may be an indication that the app is up to no good. There were many apps found guilty of click fraud resulting in data overages and dramatically reducing the device’s battery life.

Research the app

A quick google search can provide more information about a particular app. You can simply search for the app by including the phrase “data scandal” or “scam”. The end results can provide you with the details if the company has experienced any recent privacy or data leaks. This search could also tell you if data breaches are a common occurrence at that company. If the company has been affected many times and done nothing to sort out the issue, better clear the app.

Keep software up to date

Spending time to update your smartphone’s operating system(OS) is critical to keeping your data safe. The updates let you stay a step ahead of hackers and the latest exploits they are spreading across the internet. Modifying your phone settings may simply update the software automatically. The methods that criminals use to hack into your phone and steal your data are constantly evolving, so the ways that we protect our smartphones need to evolve too.

Downloading an app from insecure sites increases the risk of ransomware, malware, spyware infecting your device. So, you should only download apps from Apple Store and the Google Play Store although some apps are misleading.