Embracing the Future: Exciting Careers to Pursue in 2023

It will not come as a surprise to learn that the most exciting careers to pursue in 2023 will be heavily based on technology. With so many advancements being experienced and new innovative developments being created, there are numerous demands being created across a variety of different industries.

Now – more than ever – sectors are looking for people who have the skills and expertise to be able to use the technology to its full potential and help them achieve their desired goals. Companies have always been looking to put their best foot forward and ensure they are ahead of everyone else, and their workforce has always been considered one of the key components.

With technology being prevalent in a number of processes, organizations are now looking to leverage it with their people. For those that are looking to capitalize on the demand that is being presented and is expected to increase throughout the remainder of 2023, four of the most exciting careers to pursue include:

  1. An autonomous and electric vehicle specialist
  2. An iGaming live performer/presenter
  3. An AI and machine learning specialist
  4. A sustainability specialist

Autonomous and electric vehicle specialist

Autonomous and electric vehicles continue to be on the rise, as more and more automobile manufacturers look to get in the game with this type of vehicle. There are a number of benefits for companies within this sector, as these cars are now appealing to a wider market than ever before because of the positive impact they can have on factors such as environmental aspects like global warming.

As a result, manufacturers are now seeking to employ people that have these skills and are specialists in this field. Those trained and specializing in this area will be able to produce the best cars with the knowledge needed, which can then help the company to save costs on failed projects. A specialized workforce would also benefit other areas of the company, which could help to generate greater profits as elements like efficiency will be improved, while repairs and troubleshooting may also be possible to fix in-house, too.

Game Presenters (iGaming Live Performer)

The iGaming is one sector that has benefited immensely because of the developments experienced in technology. Players are now able to enjoy authentic life-like casino experiences from their own homes, or anywhere they like as they are able to access games on their portable devices like a smartphone. 

As these games become more popular, there is a growing demand for game presenters. Developers of these titles that are made available on global operators such as NetBet, which have a presence around the world with options in the UK, France, and Germany, as well as having a casino online Romania platform, have found that they need social skilled individuals to be able to host these games effectively as possible. They need to be able to make other players feel comfortable, while also allowing an enjoyable gaming experience to be enjoyed. Robots are yet to achieve a personalized vibe, which is why specialized people are being highly sought after.

AI and machine learning specialists

Wherever you look nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools are widely being used. Regardless of the industry, their impact is being felt profoundly in a variety of different ways. This has led to greater demand for people with the necessary set of skills.

This could involve developers who are able to code or create programs, while it can also involve cybersecurity. With many industries looking to be as efficient as possible, people with an understanding of AI and machine learning can help them to accomplish that goal. They can teach the technology certain things, which can then automate certain tasks in the future, while the individual’s skills can be leveraged in other ways, too.

Sustainability specialists

Having mentioned the environment in regard to the automation industry, it is no surprise that there are other business sectors that are looking for people that are specialized in this highly sensitive area.

Companies are taking their corporate social responsibility (CSR) more seriously in recent years, with many employing specialists to ensure they are doing the right things. Some use this aspect of their operations to try and look better and appeal to a wider market, but regardless of what they are trying to achieve, they need people who know what they are doing.

Specialized Jobs Are Needed in 2023 & Beyond

With the world continuing to change as new technology develops and attitudes change, there will always be a need for people to fill jobs where they need to have a specialized set of skills. The four mentioned above are just some of those that are relevant to 2023, although it is worth pointing out that they could be completely different in 12 months.