Electronic cigarettes

According to the Euro-monitor, the e-cigs market is amongst the fastest growing market, especially in the UK where the government and Public Health England encouraged its tobacco smoking population to take up vaping.

Such a fast growing market required strict regulations in the production of its products and V2 Cigs could not have come at a better time. V2 cigs manufacturers always ensure that their products go through all the quality assurance tests necessary, thus making them one of the most trusted suppliers.

Having only joined the market in 2012, V2 cigs UK has quickly risen in ranks to become one of the most popular brands in Europe and the UK. V2 cigs provide their customers with best products and services available in the market that gave them 5 star ratings from all their satisfied clients.

Why Buy at V2 Cigs?

By ensuring quality assurance tests for all its products, V2 cigs only deal with genuine products and do not tolerate any cheap importations. They partnered with US to ensure that even their foreign markets only dealt with their company products, thus maintaining customer loyalty.

Range of products offered at V2 Cigs

At V2 UK shops you can get all that you need for your vaping sessions at one go without ever having to look elsewhere. The following are some of the cool products they offer

V2 Batteries

Unlike other e-cigs batteries, V2 batteries have been made to last longer thus ensuring that vapers get to enjoy longer vaping sessions. The V2 batteries also come in a range of colors that one can pick from depending on the mood of their vaping sessions.

V2 Starter kits

As a new entrant into the vaping world, the V2 starter kit is ideal for ensuring you get to have the best transitions possible. A standard V2 kit comes equipped with a battery, charger, e-liquid cartridges and an assortment of e-liquid flavors that one can choose from. If you are in the need for tobacco, cherry, grape or menthol flavor, all of them will be available at your disposal.

V2 Accessories

Some of the accessories that come along with a v2 kit include a socket wall mounts for your chargers. These wall mounts are useful for ensuring you get to enjoy your sessions even on transit and you can easily recharge your pen at any available socket.

V2 Cartridges

V2 cartridges can either come prefilled or blank that you can fill at your own leisure in case you decide you want to switch flavors. The V2 vape pens have been design in such a manner that their cartridges are easily switchable in between sessions.

V2 E-Liquids

V2 E-liquids are the most sought after e-liquids in the market given the range of flavors that they come in. at V2 cigs, you can get up to 14 different flavors of e-liquids available for you to pick from all depending of what you prefer. Some of the favorite flavors according to customer feedback include grape, vanilla, tobacco and menthol.

The best part about the V2 e-liquid flavors is that they can be found in as small as 10ml bottles thus ensure that everyone can be able to afford them.

Vape pens

V2 vape pens have been design to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible to their user.

You can buyv2cigs.co.uk visit for more information on V2 cigs.