Dutch Delight: 4 Reasons Why You Study Abroad In Amsterdam

Shimmering canals and quaint cafes are the postcards of Amsterdam. The picturesque scenes scattered across the city have drawn tourists and international students in for many years.

Choosing to study abroad in Amsterdam is a popular option amongst international students. The University of Amsterdam has 40,000 students. 10,000 of which are international students who have chosen to study abroad in the vibrant capital.

Moving abroad to study is a chance to experience a new culture and lifestyle. Living in Amsterdam as an international student can offer a range of options, here are just a few of them.

Home To Prestigious University

Education in the Netherlands is one of the oldest and most reputable higher education systems in the world. Throughout the country, many universities are high in the global rankings. It is why the Netherlands has grown in popularity for students studying abroad.

Education in the Netherlands offers an inclusive global learning environment. Many universities provide friendly tuition fees, a diverse selection of English-language programs and an excellent studying experience for international students.

Included in this list is the University of Amsterdam. It is ranked in the World 100 and is the number one Dutch university in THE Europe Teaching Rankings.

Lead A Healthy And Active Lifestyle

Dutch people are some of the healthiest in the world. When you move, it might mean that you find yourself unconsciously becoming healthier during your time there. Part of the reason is due to the cycling culture.

In addition to cycling, many Dutch people value sports and other forms of physical activity. You will have the opportunity to join other students to join sports teams or for exercise. Physical activity and social interaction can create a great mental space to overcome any challenges you might experience living and studying abroad.

Affordable Accommodation Options

Moving to a new city is exciting. If you are moving to study abroad, you want to find the right place to live. Whilst most universities will have the accommodation you want to choose somewhere different, a place that will allow you a little more freedom. A place that you could stay in for more than just the school year.

Fortunately, there are widely available rental options in Amsterdam. These range from apartments you can rent by yourself or with others. There is also the option of renting a room in a house with others – which is a great way to meet new people.

Vibrant Student Life To Enjoy

Student life in the Dutch capital is open, diverse, and free-spirited. Events happening in dorms and nightclubs occur during the week can last till the early morning. There are often ceremonies organised at the start of the term to welcome new people to the campus. You will likely find new friends within the first few days.

Amsterdam is a great location to start your studies and even a career. The city offers students access to a range of large international companies, many of which are Dutch. If you find yourself not ready to leave this unique city, take advantage of the career options available. You may find yourself extending your time in Amsterdam.