Dress to impress not Insult – What to wear on a first date

If you’ve met someone that you’ve took a great liking to and they ask you out on a date, the first thing you want to do is make a good impression. This could be a potential boyfriend or girlfriend, and you don’t want to ruin the chances of that happening by putting them off in any particular way. One way that you can ensure that you leave your date awestruck is by what you wear. Leave them bedazzled by your looks. Here are some tips on what to wear on a first date.

Strut In In Style

You want to make sure what you wear on your date is in style. Don’t try and pull of a wacky outfit that you think is vintage, but really doesn’t work at all. It’s about combining class and casual so that you can walk up to your date with confidence, not feeling uncomfortable about what you’re wearing. From Chums trousers, to sleek skinny jeans; rock up in what won’t leave your date in shock but with a nice surprise.

Learn From Your Complements

If you’ve received a handful of compliments over a specific outfit that you often wear, or if there’s a specific colour that everyone says works wonders for your skin; you should make these a priority when deciding on your date apparel. Let that red bring out the blush in your cheeks, or that white bring out the glow of your skin, whatever outfit of yours that is renowned for making you look the part you know #WhereToWear them: on your first date.

Don’t overdo it

Unless you’ve decided on a fine dining date (to which you would put on your best dress) it’s always a good option to not overdo it. Stay trendy but comfortable, you don’t want to feel uptight on your date you want to feel relaxed, looking beautiful but still being able to engage in conversation without feeling restricted by your regalia.

Is that waist belt going to stop you from enjoying your food? Probably best to give that one a miss. Will that leather skirt stop you from walking normally? Exchange it for another one. Is the shirt to tight around the arms? Loosen up and let your clothes allow you to enjoy your day fully without hassle.

Be yourself

Don’t pick a style that’s completely not you. You don’t want your date questioning whether you’re really the person that they thought you were. Put on the piece that is similar to the sort of style that you always wear. You what to leave your date wowed but not wondering what they’ve got themselves into.

The Added Extras

Whatever brings out your beauty and accentuates your attractiveness, you should add these to your outfit. Get those special earrings hooked in, that handkerchief tucked in your pocket, or that headband slicked around your head. Whatever can serve to make your outfit look even more appealing, whatever will complement your look, then you should take this on board.