Dr. Curtis Cripe: Growth Industries that Focus on Health

After a dismal seven years of financial turmoil and economies shrinking around the world, we are currently in a growth stage in many countries. If you examine the economies from most of the countries from North America, Europe Asia and South America things are looking up in many different industries.

You will also see that certain industries are leading the way in terms of growth, and many of those industries have a few things in common. Most are congregated in technology, energy and healthcare. The tech business only seems to slow down to take a breath but never actually stop. There is always some new technology exciting the masses and companies harnessing this tech and bringing it to the world. New energy strategies demand new energy sources and companies in the solar, geothermal and wind industries are booming. Finally healthcare is an always growing business and as populations age in most countries the business will continue to be a leading growth industry.

Medical Technology

Medical advances are being fueled by people’s belief that we should not continue to be throttled by the myriad of diseases that continually strike down millions around the world each year. We want better treatments and even cures for diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and the myriad of auto-immune diseases that strike all ages indiscriminately. In addition, around the world in the most developed nations, populations are aging. This is due to better medicines and also to less war and lower overall crime rates. This has created a serious market for healthcare services for the elderly.

The healthcare industry has gone in nearly every direction possible. There are thriving businesses in traditional treatments, biomedicines, and natural or homeopathic remedies and medicines from around the world are being explored to fight disease. There is also a booming surgical industry with skilled doctors leading the way to try and remove unhealthy tissue quicker and more precisely causing less damage to patients. There is also a booming industry for exercise based on its relationship to good health. More people are exercising and doing it for good health.

Another booming area is the business of connecting what we eat to our overall health. Many diseases take decades to develop and they are influenced by our diet and the quality of the foods we eat:

Neural Engineering

Dr. Curtis Cripe focuses on a specialty called neural engineering that uses engineering techniques to understand, repair, replace, enhance, or otherwise exploit the properties of the body’s neural systems. Neural engineers are uniquely qualified to solve design problems at the interface of living neural tissue and non-living constructs. This field is booming right now and has the chance at solving many current debilitating health issues currently plaguing us. New discoveries are occurring regularly adding to the knowledge and treatments that are available. With so much emphasis on this field, neural engineering related businesses will continue to thrive.

Water Purification

There is no more valuable resource in the world than clean water, and with our growing use of it, it is quickly about to become in short supply. Those in the know recognize that unrestricted access to clean drinking water is one the world’s great challenges, and one that demands serious attention. The irony is that water is the most abundant resource on the planet. In fact it makes up ¾ of the surface of our planet. The challenge is that more than 90% of it is undrinkable.

As a result there is a large and fast growing industry aimed at meeting the world’s constantly growing fresh water needs. The types of companies that are seeing the most growth are water treatment and purification companies. These companies work mostly in two ways. They either reclaim and purify used water or desalinate salt water that is abundant and free. Companies offering new and much more efficient and effective technology to reclaim or desalinate water are coming into the marketplace and there is no doubt that they have great strategies to alleviate this critical issue. Because of their providing these solutions, they are critical and their valuations continue to soar.

These industries are a few of several that have outstanding growth rates going into the future. If you are an investor or trying to decide in which industry you want to work, you can’t go wrong if you pick either.