Does The Casino Med BankID Mean Death To Land Based Casinos In Sweden?

Gambling, gambling, gambling… It’s been a part of our history for quite some time now. Naturally, it has changed and evolved, following trends and market requirements. So, today, gambling fans have a few choices on their hands. The first one being between land based and online casinos. Tell me, which one do you prefer?

Land Based vs. Online

Although the exact time and place of first organized gambling events cannot be exactly determined, what we know for sure is that they have been around for a long, long time. And land-based casinos certainly have their own charm. This can be confirmed by anyone who has ever visited one.

You are right there in the middle of everything. Everything that happens – happens around you. Crowds, laughter, the sound of chips, slot machines… The atmosphere is just magnificent. Don’t tell me your adrenaline hasn’t jumped up just by reading these words. Now, imagine what its level would be if you were there right now.

On the other hand, there is a calmer option. Warmth, blanket, music playing somewhere in the background, a beverage of your choice in your hand, your favorite casino game right there with you… Does this place sound familiar? Well, of course, it’s your home.

The online option takes the point for comfort and convenience. But, it just might take some more. Picture trying to learn a completely new game in a land-based gambling house? You can’t. Point – online. Freebies, bonuses, regular promotions? Point – online. And don’t even get me started on trying to find the closest, most suitable casino and experiencing the trouble of maddening traffic while getting there. Definitely, point – online.

If you want to learn more about the differences between these two types, go here:

I might be biased, since I really do enjoy having fun in the comfort of my own home, but it seems to me that online casinos are a more logical choice most of the time. And I haven’t even reached the best part yet. But, I am about to. So, pay attention.

BankID And Fast Casinos

Have you heard of BankID yet? How about fast casinos? I certainly hope so. Otherwise, you are at a great disadvantage. But, don’t worry, as I am known to have a soft spot for online gambling, I’m here to explain these concepts. And believe me when I say it, it’s worth the trouble.

So, let’s say you are also an online gambling fan and you like to spend your free time on platforms allowing you to play roulette, craps, slots and more. My question is – Have you already found your best platform yet? Because, I have some news for you. If you’re living in Sweden, the best platforms are the fast platforms. Still, let’s take one step at a time.

What started as an idea on how to develop a digital signature became a service used by millions of residents in Sweden. Yes, I am talking about BankID. However, the signature I am talking about is actually your own, personal security code. All you have to do is provide your Swedish social security number and you are all set to use this code as your e-ID. And although there are many benefits that come with this, I am here to talk about one.

An online casino which allows you to play without completing a registration form is known as a quick, or fast casino. Of course, this is not possible without the above mentioned code. So, the key is to choose websites that allow you to create an account by using your casino BankID, in order to not get bothered with technical nonsense. Pay attention that not every site offers this option for the time being. But, given the circumstances, it might not be long before they all do.


So, long story short, fast casinos are those that allow you to log in with your BankID. But, apart from skipping the registration procedure, you are probably wondering if there is more. Because, if there isn’t, then what is all the fuss about, really?

Well, of course there is more. But, first, let me tell you one thing about the whole logging in with your BankID story. It is not only about “skipping REGISTRATION procedure”. It also means skipping identity verification procedure and skipping all the trouble connected to choosing your most reliable and most efficient payment method.

Nevertheless, together with that goes another benefit. When you start playing, of course, you have to make a deposit. You didn’t think you could play on borrowed money, did you? Jokes aside, this might be a complicated process on some platforms and with some payment methods. While, when you log in with your very own digital code, making a deposit is just a click away.

Along the same lines, imagine that you have finished playing for the day. And say that you want to withdraw your winnings. Now, traditionally, you would have to wait for some time and plus, pay a withdrawal fee. With the fast casinos system of using you BankID, this is all left in the past. After all, it is your money that’s in question and it should be available to you immediately.

What Was The Question Again?

During all of this period I have spent explaining these principles, how many times have you thought of going to a land-based casino instead? If I could guess, I would guess zero. With the world being as complicated as it is, people are naturally drawn to simple things. They want to have it as easy as possible.

Because of this, online platforms are becoming rather more popular. The convenience that comes with this experience is priceless, especially when you count in the quick casinos and the BankID system. So, while I don’t actually believe that this new trend will completely eradicate traditional gambling houses and erase them from the face of the Earth, or at least Sweden, I do believe that they have something to worry about.