Detoxing The Healthy Way

If you have decided to get healthy or lose some weight, it is very likely that you have considered doing a detox. Detoxing is basically the process of cleansing the body of any unhealthy substances, in order to rebalance your system. There are many detox products available on the market, you can read more about some of these supplements at Authority Reports. There are many natural and healthy ways to rid the system of the impurities that have you feeling run down and not at your best. While many people may consider detoxes to consist of eating very little and starving yourself, a good detox helps to maintain and improve overall health – no starvation required.

Why You May Need A Detox

If you are feeling sluggish or if your system is run down, it could be because your body is full of toxins and impurities that are slowing your system down. We introduce toxins into our bodies through the food we eat and the habits we have. Smoking, drinking and eating fast food are only some of the factors in play. By regularly detoxing, you can strengthen your immune system, burn fat and speed up your metabolism.

Let’s take a look at how you can detox the healthy way.

Eat Wholesome And Clean

The food we eat plays a major part in how healthy we are. Clean eating is, therefore, the first step in getting your body detoxed. Whole foods are full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can go a long way in cleansing your system. Stay away from sugary foods, processed and fried dishes for the best result. Rather opt for fruits and vegetables, legumes and nuts, lean protein and probiotic dairy to help your body break down the build-up from years of unhealthy eating and habits.

Stay Hydrated

Alcohol and soft drinks are really bad for you, particularly if you are planning on going on a detox journey. When you detox, water is your best friend and staying hydrated will help vital organs such as your liver and kidneys get rid of those nasty toxins that are dragging you down. If you want to boost the impact that the water you are drinking can provide, add some slices of lemon. The citrus in the lemon is rich in electrolytes and enzymes which will improve your digestive tract. Herbal teas are also great sources of hydration, that may have additional health and detoxing benefits.

Take A Bath

While detoxing is best done from the inside out, you can add a weekly detox bath to your routine to help draw out some toxins from the skin. Once a week, soak in a hot Epsom salt bath for approximately 15 minutes. This salt is a great detoxifier, as the magnesium sulfate found in it helps the body get rid of toxins. The heat from the bath opens your pores, making it easier for impurities to leave. Having a regular soak can also assist the condition of your skin.

Up Your Heart Rate

Exercise is crucial to maintaining your health and plays an important part in the detox process. When your heart rate is elevated, you improve your circulation, which helps toxins move out of the body. Sweating out these impurities is a quick way to start feeling better – less stressed and way more energized.

Get Some Rest

Sleep is another aspect of detoxing that many tend to forget about. Getting enough rest is key to keeping your body and mind healthy and happy. Make sure that your bedroom is a peaceful environment where you can easily drift off into uninterrupted sleep. Start sticking to regular bedtimes and get into a routine. When you are well rested your body has the tools to support your detox and function at its best.

By building your detox into your daily lifestyle and implementing these healthy ways to cleanse your body, you can start feeling the difference. A detox does not mean that you have to deny yourself proper nutrients or eat a diet lacking in sustenance. Small changes can go a long way to a healthy detox.