Detoxing for Busy Entrepreneurs and Executives

If you’ve been going through stressful times at work or have been busier than usual, it can be hard to eat right, exercise and take care of yourself. Pretty soon you may find yourself feeling fatigued, lacking motivation, and generally run down.

This can be a result of the foods you have been eating and the fact that you have not been exercising. Besides those things, the truth is we live in a pretty toxic world. From the air we breathe to the water we drink, there are toxins all around us.

When you get to this point, one of the best things you can do is a detox program, a cleanse that will remove those toxins from your body and reset your metabolism. Besides these benefits, you should select the best detox for losing weight. It’s a great side effect and can jumpstart any program you are going to follow up with.

However, a detox can take a toll on your body, and you will probably experience some less pleasant side effects besides weight loss. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your detoxs.

Plan Ahead

The first few days of your detox are going to be the hardest. You might experience some muscle fatigue and sleepiness along with a foggy mind as your body tries to cleanse itself. It is best to start when you have a few days that are not quite as busy. Ideally you would want a couple of days off.

However, if this is not possible, plan your workload accordingly. Your first few days of a detox, you should schedule yourself a little lighter, and allow for some extra sleep, either in the morning or by going to bed early.

With many detox regimens, you may not be allowed to have caffeine, often a staple for executives and entrepreneurs. As a result, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms like headaches and sleepiness. A good way to plan for this is to cut down on your consumption of caffeine a couple of weeks before you start your detox to make this part of the process easier.

Also,be sure you have the foods and supplements you need ahead of time, and be sure to prep what you need to take with you every day ahead of time, including drinks. Set timers to be sure you consume enough water.

Play a Long Game

While a shorter detox may seem like great idea, they are often harder on your body, and you may require more rest.

A thirty-day detox is easier on your body, and will be more effective long term if you can stick with it. You should plan for a long game when you are trying to do a detox when you are busy and potentially stressed out.

Remember, it is the long term gain you will get from taking detox supplements that will really benefit you. Also, this is the time to start changing some habits so that you don’t go back to eating the wrong kind of food after the detox is over, and that you continue to care for yourself.

If you pollute your body again once the cleanse is over, you will not only lose the benefits, but at some point, you will end up needing to do it all over again. Play a long game, and plan to stick with a diet plan once you have completed the initial detox. Have an idea what you will do next, and stick with it.

Watch Your Activity Level

While you don’t want to stop working out while you detox, you do need to reduce your activity level, especially in the first couple of weeks. Keep workouts shorter and the weight you lift lighter than what you usually do.

Your body will be releasing toxins and so your muscles may be sore anyway. Also, your body will be working hard, because detoxing takes energy. This takes away some of the power of your immune system, and you don’t want to get sick and have to start your detox over again.

Try yoga at this time, or other light stretching and activities that are not too strenuous. Walk or jog instead of running, and be sure you stay hydrated no matter what activity you are engaged in. Swimming is also a good option, provided you stick with shorter distances and slower lap times.

Have an Accountability Partner

Following a strict detox program can be tough, but it can be easier if you have someone to do the program with, or at least someone who will hold you accountable and make sure you stay on track.

The reason is that a detox is not simply a matter of taking the right supplements, but about eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of rest. Someone who will make sure you stay on track with your plan is a good idea. This can be anyone, but a friend is probably better than your spouse.

You may get grumpy during this time, and the person you choose to keep you accountable should be able to handle that, and feel free to call you out if you stray from your plan. You can keep in touch in person, by phone or text, or even by email. Have meal times with that person when possible, and talk about how you are feeling and how things are going for you.

As a busy entrepreneur or executive, planning anything that disrupts your everyday routine can be tough, and a detox is no exception. You need to plan ahead and think of the long term. Watch your activity levels and plan for lower energy, and have someone who will hold you accountable to your goal.


A detox is a great jump start to feeling healthy again, and the right one can propel you into a successful long-term health regimen.  Let us know what you thought of this article, and share your detox tips in the comments below.