Could Clinical Hypnotherapy Be of Benefit to You?


Clinical hypnotherapy refers to an altered state of conscious in which a person can promote more mindfulness, thanks largely to shutting down conscious thoughts which may be harming a person’s mental health.

Contrary to widely held belief, a person is not truly treated with hypnosis. Rather, they are treated IN hypnosis. In short, it is not a treatment itself, but a state of mind which makes treatment more effective.

Wondering if clinical hypnosis may work for you? Below we discuss just a few of the problems this has the potential to help successfully treat.

Alleviating PTSD Symptoms

PTSD occurs when a traumatic event or long-term abuse triggers an exaggerated response from the amygdala, which is responsible for our flight or fight response. Symptoms, such as flashbacks and night terrors, can be debilitating.

Hypnotherapy works by allowing the amygdala a rest from over activity. This ensures better communication between it and the hippocampus. This, combined with the introduction of more positive thought patterns, is typically successful in PTSD treatment.

Birthing Fears

Although childbirth is a very natural process, it can be frightening. Expecting mothers have great fears over complications or pain. Ironically, this can increase pain felt and leave a person with a very traumatic birthing experience.

Many moms-to-be have begun utilizing hypnotherapy to overcome these fears, which makes for a much more relaxing birth experience.

Nixing Social Anxiety

Social anxiety occurs in many different forms. Mild cases may show a person who is uncomfortable in large crowds, while severe cases may occur where someone is afraid to even leave their home.

Hypnotherapy can offer social anxiety suffers with communication skills that enable relaxation in social situations. It can also alleviate any recurring thoughts which trigger the social anxiety or offer alternatives to negative thought patterns.

Treating Addictions

Hypnotherapy works well in treating addictions, because it replaces obsessive thoughts with those allowing a person to feel confident about giving up their habit. Positive thoughts are used. Instead of “you don’t smoke anymore,” a hypnotherapist may say “you only breathe clean air.”

This method of rehabilitation works well for all addictions, including:

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Illegal or prescription drug usage
  • Alcoholism
  • Gambling
  • And much more.

Overcoming the Past

Many people have pasts which are difficult to let go of. Perhaps they grew up in an unstable environment where they were abused or neglected by their caretakers. Or they may have been impoverished, wondering where their next meal came from.

When these situations are allowed to tie us down, there is no moving into the present. Hypnotherapy can help those with difficult pasts come to terms with their situations. This allows them freedom to move their lives forward in a positive manner.

If any of these situations apply to you, hypnotherapy could be of significant benefit to you and your mental health. There are other reasons you may benefit that are not discussed here, so if you are unsure it is always a promising idea to speak with a licensed professional about your situation.