Common Dream Interpretations and Their Meanings

Dreams are among the most fascinating products of the human mind. Although we spend a lot of our sleep dreaming, we forget roughly 95 percent of our dreams. 

60 to 70 percent of adults have recurring dreams, and experts say it usually indicates unresolved conflicts or stress. But what are your dreams telling you?

Dream interpretations reveal what you’re thinking and feeling. So if you’re having recurring dreams, it’s important to pay attention to them. Common dreams include dreams about falling, flying, or being chased. 

This guide will decode some of the most common dreams. Read on to find out more about what your recurring dreams are telling you. Here are the meanings behind some of the most familiar dreams.


Animals are among some of the most common dreams. A dream about multiple animals could have a variety of meanings. But specific animals represent personality traits and emotions.

Dreaming about one animal usually indicates a feeling you’re experiencing. It may represent someone in your life. For example, a wolf may be symbolic of someone in your life who makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable.

Being Chased

Trusted psychics will tell you that being chased is one of the most common dreams. But there are many meanings behind this recurring dream.

Being chased is representative of something that is eating away at you. It may mean there’s a deadline approaching for work that you’ve been procrastinating on. Or, it might mean there’s an issue looming that you know you will have to address soon, like a leak in your roof.

But it might be far simpler than that. You could be dreaming about being chased because you saw a scene in a horror film where someone was being chased. Scary movies resonate with the psyche, and that can manifest in your dreams.

Cars & Car Crashes

Dreaming about an incident in a vehicle can be alarming. 

If you dream about losing control of a car, you need to pay attention. You might feel like you’re losing control over your own life. 

According to psychic dream readings, dreaming of a car crash indicates you’re worried about losing something important to you. It could be your job or a close relationship. 

Pay attention to what these dreams are telling you.  


It’s not uncommon to dream about taking a test or exam. According to experts, dream meanings behind failing, showing up late, or a general feeling of being unprepared for an exam are linked to the fear of failing in your waking life.

Most people remember the pressure caused by exams when they were in school. And that feeling manifests in our dreams when we experience a lack of confidence or doubt in our capabilities in life.


Many people will dream of falling at some point in their life. Often this dream will recur many times.

There are many dream interpretations about falling. Falling is often linked to fear. So if you’re dreaming about falling, you may have concerns about something in your life.

It’s possible you need to change course or rethink a life choice. But falling also represents a feeling of letting go. 

If you’re dreaming about falling, it’s time to dig deep and consider why.


Flying in a dream feels fun and exciting.

It may mean you feel a sense of independence or liberation. But it can also indicate that you’re looking for an escape from reality. 

If you dream about flying, examine your emotions. You need to make some changes.


If you dream about catching your partner cheating, it can feel unnerving. Many people wonder if it means their partner is actually straying from their relationship.

In most cases, dreaming about infidelity does not mean your partner has or will cheat on you. But it may mean there is a lack of trust in the relationship. It may also represent a breakdown in communication.

Infidelity dreams are not uncommon for people who have been cheated on in the past either. This may have little to do with your current relationship and more to do with the pain you experienced before. 

Losing Teeth

It might seem strange, but dreams about losing teeth are extremely common. 

If you’re examining this in your dream readings, you may be concerned about something you’ve said to someone. It can also mean you’re struggling to communicate something.

Naked In Public

There are few things as frightening as being naked in public. You don’t need to be a psychic to analyze this one. Dreaming about public nudity means you’re feeling exposed.

You may be struggling with your image. It’s possible you’re worried about what others think of you. If you are experiencing this dream, you should work towards managing your anxiety in this area.


If you find yourself dreaming about sex, you should know it’s more common than you think. Adults think about basic needs, including sex.

Often these dreams don’t have a lot of meaning. It just means your body is functioning as it should, and you are a healthy adult. 

But if you dream about having sex with someone you know, it might mean you are attracted to them. 


If you’ve ever had a dream about being trapped in a small space, you’re not alone. These dreams occur often. According to dream interpretations, there’s a straightforward meaning.

Being trapped in a dream indicates that you’re not satisfied with your current situation. It may mean that you’re feeling held back. It’s important to examine this and address these areas of your life.

Understand Yourself Through Dream Interpretations

You may have experienced one of these common dreams in your lifetime. It’s important to understand why you’re having these dreams and what your brain is trying to tell you.

Dream interpretations help us gain an understanding of ourselves. By using this guide, you can unpack what your dreams are telling you about your life and make the appropriate changes.

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