Choice Home Warranty: General Review

Any homeowner will tell you how much a home can cost you in terms of repairs and replacements of appliances and systems. In fact, a research shows that as much as you would go for a full year without doing any repair on your major home appliances and systems, the chances of you having them done in a year are up to 68%. Unlike your regular home insurance cover that caters for fire, burglary and such kind of loses, a home warranty cover takes care of the high costs that are associated with repairs and replacement of parts or the entire systems and appliances in your home. This Choice Home Warranty Review will give you a glimpse of this much-needed plan for homeowners and what the company has in store for you.

In a nutshell


How much would this cost me?

Any home warranty contract provider that cares about you will offer a comprehensive coverage at the best rate in the market. Only Choice Home Warranty gives you this kind of offer and gives you the flexibility to pay either in one annual lump sum payment or distribute your annual cover into 12 flexible monthly installments.

What plans do they have?

Choice Home Warranty gives you an option to choose either the Total plan or the Basic plan with the option of having optional coverage to suit all your home appliances and systems.

What features are available?

Most of the basic home systems are covered by their lowest plan although they still give you the option to go for the optional coverage to add any item that you need to be covered and is not captured in any of their plans.

How is their customer service?

At Choice Home Warranty, we take pride in our customer service. Our clients are our greatest assets and so we give them the best treatment possible. We are available for your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year respond to your service calls, requests for quotes or any other request you may have.

Who is Choice Home Warranty?

Choice Home Warranty provides you with plans that comprehensively cushion you from the high costs of repairs and replacements of appliances and systems in your home. Form the Choice Home Warranty Reviews, you can clearly tell that only well trained, qualified and highly skilled service providers are dispatched to your homes for your repairs. It offers a variety of plans that you can work with, from basic coverage to total plans with an option for the optional coverage planto cover for extra systems and appliances.

  • Choice Home Warranty makes sure that your claim is followed from the beginning to the end through the engagement and partnership with highly dedicated and committed representatives.
  • It always ensures that your repairs are done on time and to your satisfaction through the engagement of licensed and insured contractors.
  • Depending on the plan that you settle for, everything including appliances repairs and structural renovations is covered.
  • Over its 8 years of service, Choice Home Warranty has served over 8,000 customers who have given positive reviews for the home warranty company.
  • Choice Home Warranty has received award form Inc 5000, Trust Pilot and Consumer Affairs as a result of its dedication to offering quality services.

Every Choice Home Warranty review always states its commitment to offering dedicated support to each and every client. They will always give you a quote for free upon request on their website which will help you determine whether your budget can cater for the home warranty cover contract. It is always advisable to compare the total amount you would spend on repairs to the amount that you will pay for the home warranty plan so you can make a well-informed decision. Here are some of the issues highlighted in the Choice Home Warranty Reviews.

Offers Peace-of-Mind:

One of the main issues that arise in most of the Choice Home Warranty reviews, is the fact that they offer comprehensive services that give great peace knowing that in the event of an unexpected malfunction of an appliance or system that is covered by the home warranty contract, you have all the support you need; all you need is to make a call to the CHW customer service.

Comprehensive Repairs:

the service providers that are contracted to do the repairs always do a perfect job and they do it in time for both minor and major repairs and replacements.

Customized Coverage Plans:

The plan options that are offered are allow you to adjust them by adding items that are not covered in the specific plan so that they can cover all your appliances and systems. From the Choice Home Warranty Reviews, you can tell that this is a feature that the clients are really happy with.

Great Customer Service:

This remains an area that we will always score high in the home warranty service industry. Our personnel is always dedicated to giving you professional and personalized support all through your repair and acclaim process.

Price: $33.33 per month to $450 per year

Guarantee: All your faulty parts that are covered under the contract will be replaced and the services will be top notch.

What is Covered: Electrical systems, Plumbing systems, heating systems, and Air Conditioning systems. For appliances, the Water Heater, Ductwork, Garage Door Opener, Ceiling Fans and so much more.

Do I need Choice Home Warranty cover for my home?

Do you want to have peace of mind knowing that you are covered off high cost of repairs in your home? If yes, then you definitely need Choice Home Warranty to walk with you. In the event that a repair is needed, all you need to do is make a call to our customer service agents, relax and let them do the repairs for you.

You should also ensure that your systems and appliances are well maintained and that you undertake the normal maintenance if you want them to qualify or the repairs. If you do not adhere to this, your appliances and systems may end up being covered but in the even, they need some repair they will not qualify. If you have subscribed to a monthly package, make sure to pay all your installments on time so that in the event that a repair is needed, you will qualify for the repair