Car Quiz – How Well Do You Know Your Turbocharged Engine? (Answer These Five Questions to Find Out)

Source: Public Domain Pictures / Pixabay

There’s a difference between owning a vehicle with a turbocharged engine, and being an expert in the ownership of a vehicle with a turbocharged engine. Which one are you? Answer these five questions and find out where you fit into the bigger picture:

Do You Know How to Clean and Maintain Parts?

Having a turbocharged engine can be quite exciting. Still, it can also require you to understand how they work so that you can maintain them. Did you know that you can clean your blow off valves? Do you know how to do that?

Blow off valves are exposed to the elements more so than most other parts of a turbo engine. Therefore, they are often far dirtier and grimier than other turbo components. Remove the blow-off valve, disassemble it, and use a soft cloth, compressed air, and a non-viscous, multi-purpose spray to clean it before reassembling.

Do You Switch the Engine Off Straight Away?

When you arrive at your destination in a standard car, you turn off the engine right away and get out of the vehicle. Do you do that in a car with a turbo engine? In short, no. While newer cars with turbo engines are more forgiving than older ones, it still pays to get into the habit of idling vehicles for a few minutes before turning off the key.

Those few extra minutes can allow for the older generation of turbo engines to cool down. Otherwise, heat can boil the oil, cause premature engine wear, and carbon particle build-up.

Do You Rely on Gears or Your Turbo Engine?

The speed limit in some states is as high as 85mph, which allows any automotive enthusiast with a turbo engine to put the pedal to the metal. While it can be tempting to hear the roar of that turbo engine as you rocket down the highway, it’s essential to rely on your gears more so than your turbo.

Too much reliance on the turbo for speed can accelerate wear and tear, not to mention cause increased fuel consumption. Use your vehicle’s full gear and rev range to extend your turbo’s lifespan and your bank balance.

How Do You Pick a Turbocharger?

Being knowledgeable about a turbo engine can require you to know what to look for when buying a turbocharger. You can’t just pick one off the shelf and hope that it fits.

There are several things to consider, such as your budget, the required airflow for your engine, your non-turbo airflow (measured in CFM), and the pressure ratio. These are just a few of the many considerations to make.

For any vehicle owner thinking about turbocharging their engine, it might be worth talking to an expert in the field.

Do Turbos Shorten Engine Lives?

If you think that turbocharging your engine will shorten its life span, do you really know your engine? Of course, any improper motor setup will lead to longevity issues, but not if your turbo engine is set up correctly.

As long as your turbo can push through enough PSI to produce appropriate power, there won’t be any more strain on a motor than if you were idle in traffic. Car manufacturers offer warranties on their turbocharged vehicles, so they have to be made to last.

Having a vehicle with a turbo engine doesn’t mean you’re an expert. However, you can be. Answer these five questions correctly, and you’re on your way to being as knowledgeable as you need to be about your turbocharged pride and joy.