Car Dealer Chat Gets Your Customers Buying So You Can Stop Selling

In the digital era, the future of selling is to stop pushing and start providing, meaning smart salespeople are going to have to change their strategies. Whereas in the past, many sales leaders advocated a more aggressive sales tactic, and consumers responded by turning their backs as soon as lower-pressure alternatives presented themselves. You can also use these tactics to sell your car. In fact, low pressure environments have even been known to do better at upselling than aggressive suggestions.

As a car salesperson, if you want to start closing, you have to stop selling and start letting your customers enjoy the process of buying a car. If the make or model isn’t the right fit, you’re simply not going to make the sale in this day and age, when the majority of customers use their smartphones for research while they’re on the lot. Stop trying to push the wrong product and start investing those energies into helping your customers find the right one.

You can learn plenty more about changing the way you think about your role as a salesperson over on Kissmetrics, but the important next step for you is finding the car dealer chat software that can make that change a reality. Remember, with more and more access to product information and customer reviews online, customers can’t be fooled. Provide the best information you can, alongside the best service and a great deal, and you will be rewarded. You can do that by using a live chat for automotive that works. Simple enough, but what does that really look like?

#1 Fully Managed but Dealer-Integrated

There’s an ongoing debate over whether managed chat or self-staffed chat is the way to go, but a great managed chat gives you all the benefits of one staffed in-house with none of the downsides. Car dealer chat software companies like Gubagoo provide a fully-managed chat that uses inventory integration to put inventory information, MSRPs, financing applications, and high-value VDPs at operators’ fingertips. In addition to close integration with all of your information, your sales team is also notified of live chats and free to whisper further information or advice to operators, or enter chats themselves with a mobile app. The trick is getting a live chat designed for car dealers that understands that the details matter in your industry.

#2 Behavioral Intelligence

Behavioral intelligence tells you more about what prospects want with more reliability, even if they want to hide their more expensive aspirations when you ask. B.E.A.S.T., a behavioral intelligence system implemented by Gubagoo in their car dealer chat, records and scores visitors to your website. It records which pages they visit and how much time they spend there, and how many times a visitor arrives on your website. Once a visitor has been ranked a likely buyer without approaching live chat, the operator initiates that conversation with an offer to help, the same way a salesperson would approach in a store if a customer seemed to be spending a long time debating their choices.

#3 Easy to Evaluate

One of the great features offered by Gubagoo car dealer chat software is integration with your CRM that helps you evaluate whether or not the software is working for you, and how your sales team is using it. In addition to finding out your successful lead capture rate and how your sales team engages with the RESQ app, Google Analytics integration also helps you easily find out how your broader digital marketing campaign is working. The key to good marketing decisions is data; now you can know everything you need to about your web traffic and digital performance before making your next step.