Cannabis and COVID: What You Need to Know

With yet another wave of COVID-19 emerging across the globe, people are once again being forced to compromise in their day-to-day lives. From minimizing social interactions to struggling with unemployment, depression and lack of healthcare, there are many unintended consequences associated with the broader fight against this pandemic.

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Millions of people report using cannabis – along with its derivatives such as CBD – on a regular basis. The use of these products is often focused on alleviating physical and/or mental health issues, but with the rampant spread of COVID, it is vital to understand how such use may interact with the virus itself.

As such, let’s review what we know about the connection between cannabis and COVID, and explore whether or not you should be concerned.

Can Cannabis Cure a Virus?

A lot of misinformation is floating about regarding the use of organic substances and how they can impact viruses. Unfortunately, this is no different with regards to cannabis. Ultimately, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that any form of cannabis use can cure a virus – whether it be COVID-19 or another strain.

However, preliminary evidence has suggested that CBD can reduce lung inflammation associated with COVID. This could prove useful in select situations (but cannabis consumption in all forms is not recommended: continue reading).

Inhaling Cannabis While Suffering from COVID-19

Arguably the single biggest risk factor for those suffering from COVID-19 is pneumonia-related complications. The pulmonary system is immensely impacted by COVID, and this is generally the case – albeit to a far lesser extent – with any type of coronavirus or influenza virus.

Because of these complications, it is absolutely crucial that you do not smoke or inhale any cannabis-related products during a bout of COVID. The same goes for any inhaled combustible or vaporized product not prescribed directly by a doctor for the purposes of fighting COVID.

However, topical applications of cannabis-derived supplements can be used through other means without direct risk of pneumonia or other pulmonary complications. BLNCD Naturals distributes a wide variety of CBD wellness oils and products that can be used with no need for inhalation.

Dealing with Anxiety and Other Mental Challenges

With social distancing, isolation and other restrictions caused by COVID, it isn’t just those who are suffering from the illness itself who are being impacted. It is estimated that the rate of depression following the pandemic’s onset has increased threefold, meaning that millions of people are struggling with the realities of a new daily norm. This can also manifest in the form of anxiety, which is often a chronic issue that people are only experiencing more due to isolation and stress.

Cannabis and its derivatives have been shown to dramatically reduce anxiety in a large percentage of users, and can also improve general mood for short periods of time. Because of this, those not suffering from COVID directly – but who nevertheless are suffering in one form or another – may benefit from its use.

Ultimately, consultation with your medical professional is recommended before using cannabis to treat any mental health or emotional condition. However, many people have found relief through proper, regimented use (something that can be incredibly valuable during the COVID pandemic).

While it may not be a cure, cannabis does have beneficial properties that can be used to mitigate some of the physical and mental effects people are experiencing due to this pandemic. Consider this information carefully before making a choice that’s right for you.