Bringing Out The Best In Your Yard For The Summer

I long for the days when we used to sit on the deck as the sun was going down, not a breath of wind to be felt, and the mood was sky-high. The coals from the barbeque broken down into small cinders ready for their purpose, liquor flowing like an infinity pool, and everyone is chatting care-free as the music thumps in the background.

A few potted plants here, some ferry lights there and water burbling down some decorative trench grates is all you need to really convert your yard into one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and luxurious experiences. The best part about these things is that they are not at all expensive and can really elevate the look and feel of not only your yard, but also the entire property.

Those were the great old days, times when life didn’t seem as stressful or as full-on, schedules weren’t crammed to the brim with to-do lists, and we could enjoy the weekend breaks to the fullest.

So what can we do to get those memories back to reality? Simple, take a long, deep look at your backyard and take the plunge. If you keep hesitating on ‘one day’ or ‘I’ll wait till it goes on sale’ you end up not doing anything and suddenly its 5 years down the line and you’re still clinging to an idea that could’ve been.

My advice would be to begin browsing images of designs and layouts that appeal to you and work off of them, see some inspirational ideas here, and get the journey of a new outside area underway.

We all know the feeling when we visit friends and you don’t want to leave because the set-up is cozy, relaxed, and makes you feel comfortable, which can be your home with the right execution. If you feel you have too many ideas floating around, narrow it down to the top 10 and then be cut-throat with your decision till you have 3 to co-ordinate.

3 Features to a great garden area.

There are plenty opinions of what should or shouldn’t be in a garden, but essentially it all comes down to personal preference and a bit of tweaking here and there, we will look at the most popular options.

  • A good idea is to use what you already have, embrace your natural surroundings so it isn’t a constant battle trying to keep it at bay. Shrubs and bushes, plants or flowers that pop up every season can be tamed and manicured to suit the size and style of the garden as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal.
  • The main objective is to keep the area interactive, have an area where you can play games while still chatting to guests or family members, the bar within a few strides walking distances, and the buffet table at the top of the triangle. A steady flow of movement and your party will be finishing in the early hours of the morning.
  • If you don’t have a large garden do not be put off, even small areas can be functional and provide much entertainment. For a few pointers check out this link and tick off the boxes that satisfy you for your idea and make for simple yet chic purchasing.

Making it work.

If you are planning to be an entertainer now that you have moved into your new home then seating is going to be a big factor. Ensuring you have benching to accommodate the multitudes as well as being cost-effective is a great option to focus on other elements to bring it all together.

A barbeque area that is far enough away from guests so they don’t leave the place smelling like a charcoal bag but close enough that the person playing chef for the evening can keep up with the conversation. In my opinion, as someone who grew up with BBQs as the staple go-to method of cooking throughout the year, conservative effort should be given to this section of the deck.

If summer is approaching and you and your partner have decided that this is the year you upgrade things, be sure to read some tips from Backyard Insider for all your essential needs and to tick off your checklist so nothing is forgotten.

Ambient lighting as darkness approaches achieved with string lights and candles or lanterns can turn any area into a Moroccan summers evening, thin throws for chilly shoulders strewn over the back of chairs for guest comfort and you’ll soon be known as the ‘hostess with the mostess.’ A title not easily achieved by all.