Back To School DIY Hair Days

Doing your own color hair at home can be a very fun experience, especially when you are getting ready for your first day back to school.  First of all we will need to decide on a color that we like and that we want.

Once you have your color ready you will also need a hair clip ,a towel and a hair coloring cape to protect your clothes. Or you can just wear an 0ld t-shirt that you won’t mind throwing away.

Once you open your box of hair color you will find a pair of plastic disposable gloves along with an instruction sheet.

Put your gloves on and read your instructions, also known as a cheat sheet. First you will mix the two solutions together. The bottles are numbered 1 and 2.

Shake your mixture up, being sure to shake it real hard so it will be very well mixed together.  Brush your hair out being sure to get out all of the tangles so the color will be applied evenly.

It is always advised not to color your hair right after it has been freshly washed. Waiting a day or two after always works out for the best.

Start with putting your hair color on from the roots of your hair and work your way all the way down to the ends.

Set your timer and wait. Once your time is up you can put on the extra conditioning hair conditioner that came with your hair color.

You can either blow dry your hair out or you can just allow it to air dry. Then you can style your hair as you normally do and waalaa. You are all finished and ready for your first day back to school.

Now that we have learned how to fully change the entire color of our hair let’s learn how to highlight our hair.

If you do not want to completely change your hair color but would just like to add in some highlights, that is always a fun option as well.

Although the highlighting process is quite different from full coverage color it is still quite a simple process.

For example if you are looking for Ombre highlights you will need to get some hair bleach. This can be found at your local beauty supply store and possible even at Walmart.

To begin you will want to have your hair bleach, a towel, aluminum foil and a rat tail comb.

Begin by taking a piece of your aluminum foil and hold it behind a section of your hair, then with the end of your rat tail comb begin weaving it through that section of your hair.

Then go ahead and dip your hair coloring brush into the hair bleach and fully saturate that area of hair. Then wrap the hair with the aluminum foil.

Continue doing this until you have completed all of your hair. Set your timer for the instructed amount of time that is requested on your instruction sheet.

You will want to look at a section of your hair quite often because everyone has different chemistry and not all hair types require the same amount of time.

By checking on your hair frequently you will avoid over processing your hair, and you will be more satisfied at achieving the color of highlights that you were expecting.