Are There Unlimited Multipliers in Slots?

Unlimited multipliers in slots were not a thing. Not until Australian software provider Big Time Gaming created Bonanza Megaways, anyway. When this happened, the unthinkable happened too; players were able to access much greater win potential than any other game because of the unlimited multipliers that could be used during a free spin at

Today, many other developers are using this technology. Even if they hadn’t wanted to, it made sense; after all, if the option was available on one game, surely many people would want to play that game? They had more chance of winning if they did. So the more developers who added this option into their games, the more people would play. And play they have done. 

So yes, there are indeed unlimited multipliers in some slots. Not all by any means, but certainly in some and that is enough for many people for the moment. 

How Do Unlimited Multipliers Work?

In order to use this fantastic unlimited multipliers option, you need to trigger the free spin feature. When you’re playing the bonus round, you need the cascading reels feature and this is the set up of unlimited multipliers. 

Every time a successful reel cascade takes place, you will gain an extra bonus round multiplier – this means you can have many winning cascades and many additional multipliers, and although this doesn’t mean you’re going to win, it definitely gives you an advantage. The more you play, the more chance there is of winning. 

New Ideas

In order to keep these unlimited multipliers as fresh and exciting as possible, developers are always coming up with new ways to change them up and keep people wanting to play them (although, even if they didn’t do this, it’s likely that people would want to play – the truth is that if you can come up with something different, it means people are more likely to play your game than someone else’s). 

Some of the new ways of enjoying the multiple multipliers are to gamble with them. You might be able to predict how many multipliers you are going to get throughout the game or how many you might start with, or you might be able to use your multipliers to gain bigger, better prizes – of course, this could mean that you lose out on all of your multipliers, but that’s the nature of gambling, and it certainly will make the game a lot more exciting. 

Not All Slots

Not all slots have an unlimited multiplier option. It tends to only be the ones that have the maximum number of paylines (that is, 117,649), and there also needs to be a cascading reel feature. Without these, you can still have a wonderful time playing, but you won’t get the unlimited multipliers. The choice is – as ever when it comes to these games – entirely yours, but it’s worth getting as much information as possible in order to make the right decision.