8 Reasons Why You Need To Start Lifting NOW!

As you age, your body naturally experiences physical changes; all of which are not visible to the naked eye. Physical conditions such as bone loss, decreased muscle tone, and genetically pre-disposed conditions begin to arise leading to other more serious illnesses. So how do you fight these unwanted signs of internal aging? Exercise and weight lifting, that’s how.

Bone Density

Scientific studies show that weight lifting significantly helps reduce bone loss when done regularly. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours per week lifting heavy weights bulking up. The key here is in the resistance associated with lifting. The action of lifting even smaller weights forces your muscles to trigger as they fight gravity to lift the weight, pulling on bones stimulating the growth of new bone tissue.

Longer Life Span

According to a 2014 UCLA research study, premature death can be avoided by maintaining more muscle mass. And, the best way to maintain or build muscle mass is through weight and resistance training.

Improved Balance

As you age, changes in the brain, bone and muscle structure and other physical changes affect your ability to balance. Weight Lifting strengthens bones and muscles as it triggers chemicals in the brain and re-aligns your posture improving balance.

Reduced equilibrium and balance are the number one reason for elderly falls, bone breaks, and extended hospital stays that lead to more serious health concerns. Weight lifting can help you avoid these falls, by improving balance and strength.

Better Sleep

According to a 2012 study regarding older men and exercise, men who exercised, in particularly lifted weights, regularly, slept more soundly and woke up less frequently during the night. Although any exercise helped with sleep patterns, they found that exercises like weightlifting that push the test subject’s limits showed better results.

Be a Happier You

It has long been known that exercise increases serotonin in the brain reducing anxiety and depression. The physical changes associated with regular weightlifting also improve self-esteem, which directly affects your mood; making lifting doubly effective against fighting the blues.

Burn More Calories

The great thing about weightlifting compared to cardio exercise is that your workout continues to work after you have stopped exercising. This is because muscles continue to fire after you have pushed them through lifting. During the muscle recovery process, your body continues to burn calories for up to two hours after your workout.

Can do at Home

Home gym equipment like resistance bands, free weights, and home bench press machines are all readily available at most athletic and department stores at reasonable prices, allowing you to create your own custom workout area at home. This provides you the ability to design a workout environment that fits your needs and is accessible anytime you are ready to workout.

Can be Done in 30 Minutes

Unlike cardio, Pilates, spin classes, and yoga all it takes is 30-minutes to perform an effective weightlifting workout. According to “The Runner’s Times”, 30 to 60-minutes per week of lifting is all that it takes to reap the benefits, leaving you plenty of time for other activities.

Now that you know why to lift, get to lifting!