6 Things to do While Recovering From Surgery

If you have recently had surgery then you will be more than well aware of the long and boring wait which you will be required to do in order to rest up and recover well from your operation. There is little you can do in a situation like this other than lay back and listen to doctor’s orders. Being bored however can easily be avoided and we have 6 helpful tips for things that you can do whist you are recovering that will ensure that you keep boredom at bay.

Playing Games

It doesn’t matter what age you are, playing games is a huge amount of fun yet unfortunately there is always something more important to do than wiling away your hours on games. When you are resting up after surgery however, you will have the perfect time to play games to your heart’s content. You could even use your time to win some money with Unibet casino games, have a little flutter and you may be able to make some money from your bed.

Start a Business

If you’ve had an idea for a long time about a business which you could start then why not use your rest time to put it together. Very often our daily jobs get in the way of our dreams and you have the ideal opportunity when you are resting to get that business up and running.

Watching TV shows and Movies

One of the best ways to pass your time whilst you are resting is to get hooked on a TV series or spend your day watching movies. A movie marathon could be a great idea and you could even look to pack in some super long movies like Lord of the Rings or the Star Wars collection. Time is your friend, why not spend it watching the box.


Life rarely presents us with too much time to get our teeth stuck into a book but you will have lots of it when you are recuperating. Whether you decide to get caught up on the classics that you never read or opt to go for the hottest book around right now, reading books is incredibly inspirational and entertaining and it can really help to pass the time as you rest.


This is not always possible and it depends on what kind of surgery you have had done, but exercising can be a great way to pass your time. If you have had leg surgery for example then you can spend your time doing upper body workouts from bed. Believe it or not there are many workouts which you can do, check online and find one that works for you.


Remember that you are resting for a reason and as such you should take every opportunity that you can to get some good shut eye. Many of us have terrible schedules when it comes to our sleep pattern and you can use this time wisely to put yours right so that when you are back on your feet, you will have a solid sleeping pattern in place.