6 reasons Why You Need to Visit Barcelona

If you haven’t been to Barcelona yet then I would suggest that you start putting it into your plans. This northern Spanish city is the capital of Catalonia and offers all kinds of tourists an unforgettable experience. Having lived in the city for a year during my younger days, I want to offer you 6 very simple reasons why it is the perfect European city to visit and why you need to get there the next time you go traveling.

The Scenery

Barcelona is a beautiful city, its location along the Mediterranean coast mean that the city has its own beautiful beaches and a stunning and thoroughly modern harbor. Behind the city is the looming Montserrat Mountain range, a peaked, rocky range which acts as a glorious backdrop to the city. I’d advise a trip to the mountains during your stay, the easiest way to visit Montserrat is with a tour, this way you can not only explore the best places but get some education as you do so.

The Food

The Barcelona cuisine is wonderful, heavily influenced by the Mediterranean diet, here you will find plenty of fresh fish and seafood, lots of vegetables, breads and olive oil and the city has some of Spain’s finest restaurants. Expect to eat lots of tapas in Barcelona, this is a meal which features lots of small dishes as opposed to one big one, the perfect way to sample plenty of foods.

The Architecture

Arguable one of Europe’s most beautifully designed cities, Barcelona offers the architect buff one of the greatest displays of different styles of architecture in the World. The city was heavily influenced by the Gothic style of Antoni Guadi but also features large influences from the Surrealists and Art Deco designers. From the immense Sagrada Familia cathedral to the Casa Mila and the beautiful Gothic Quarter, this city is simply stunning.

The Climate

Throughout the year the city has a mild climate, there is little rainfall and throughout the summer it basks in glorious Spanish sunshine. The coldest months are between December and February but it is rare that even during these months that you are likely to see snow or icy conditions.

The Nightlife

Barcelona’s nightlife is very impressive with various different scenes taking place at once. If you are looking for something lively then you can hit any one of the city’s mega-clubs. If you prefer something a little more laid back then you will find plenty of bars and restaurants throughout the Gothic Quarter which offer something a little more traditional.


The amount of events that you can find in the Catalan capital is incredible and widely varied, the city has become something of a European hub for Worldwide events. Here you can find anything from the Formula 1 Championship to fashion shows, cultural festivals and huge carnivals each year. The locals know just how to throw a party and if you happen to be in town when there is one going on then you are likely to have an unforgettable experience.