6 Little-Known Benefits of Using CBD Creams

CBD is everywhere at the moment and has made huge leaps in the healthcare industry recently.

Once regarded as having no medical relevance whatsoever, research now reveals CBD to have all sorts of health benefits, giving a dramatic rise to its popularity.

As its reputation continues to grow, CBD now comes in the form of oils, edibles, pills, vapes, and creams, making it highly versatile to a broad spectrum of people.

In this article, we’re going to focus on CBD cream benefits and why it could be extremely valuable to your health and skincare regime.

So let’s take a look at what CBD cream can do for you.

What is CBD Cream?

CBD is the isolated compound cannabidiol, which is the non-psychoactive substance extracted from the hemp plant. It is distilled into an oil which is then mixed with a topical cream that can be applied to the skin.

When applied, the cannabinoids are absorbed into that specific area that interacts with nearby cannabinoid receptors. This has various effects on the neurological and immune system which makes CBD such a useful and varied treatment.

The CBD oil used in the cream also contains vitamin D for improved calcium absorption, as well as vitamin E and other B vitamins. This makes it highly effective in promoting healthy skin, preventing dryness, increasing soothing effects and healing, while also slowing down the aging of the skin.

CBD cream is typically used to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, but it’s also very effective deeper beneath the surface, within the muscle tissue.

How to Use CBD Cream

The cream is applied like any other kind of topical treatment but depends on what symptom you’re using it for. For skin conditions, you need to apply a liberal amount so that it is effectively absorbed into the skin.

For pain relief, you may require a little more so that it deeply penetrates the skin to treat the affected area. This is because CBD cream has low absorption rates and will not enter into the bloodstream.

Now you have a good idea of what it is and how to use it, let’s have a closer look at those six benefits of CBD cream.

  1. Psoriasis and Eczema

Some of the most common skin conditions include psoriasis and eczema, which can cause sore, dry skin that becomes inflamed, making it frequently itchy and uncomfortable.

The powerful antioxidant properties of CBD help the healing process and prevention of dryness. So when skin cracks or bleeds, it helps to reduce the time it takes for wounds to heal and close.

Aside from its soothing and moisturizing properties, one of the other key benefits of CBD cream is for inflammation. Regular application can help to bring down the inflammation to further reduce the symptoms while promoting healthier skin overall.

  1. Anti-Aging Effects

As we get older our skin’s elasticity decreases as collagen is broken down. On top of that, sun damage cracks and dries it, and as time goes on it produces less natural oil to keep it supple and looking youthful.

CBD oil has a natural balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, as well as those antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a great moisturizer for the skin as it stimulates the production of oils that combat dryness and fatigue.

Because CBD has high antioxidant properties, it reduces free radicals and slows the breakdown of collagen, keeping it firmer and less likely to sag.

This not only creates softer, healthier skin, but because it reduces dryness and cracks, the skin also appears more youthful, glowing, and wrinkle-free.

  1. Burn and Rash Relief

Getting a rash or burn on your skin creates irritation and soreness as the body attempts to heal it. By applying CBD cream on the affected area, it works as a natural emollient that soothes and moisturizes the skin.

The anti-inflammatory effects also reduce pain and help the healing process along without it getting dry and irritated further. In addition to this, CBD can help aid the skin’s natural defenses and its ability to regenerate better.

  1. No More Nausea

Nobody enjoys the feeling of nausea. The trouble is it can be caused by many reasons for which prescription medicines are either ineffective or have adverse side-effects.

CBD is a natural aid to nausea relief as it helps regulate specific neurological processes for homeostasis, helping to ease or even prevent those awful effects nausea can bring.

  1. Anti-Arthritis

Arthritis affects a large population of people and can be a very debilitating condition to live with. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease leading to pain and inflammation in the joints. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that causes similar effects.

Studies have shown CBD cream to be a very effective treatment for both relieving pain and reducing joint inflammation. As it is massaged into the skin, the CBD molecules attach to receptors in the brain and immune system, which help regulate pain and immune response resulting in additional relief.

  1. Relieve Muscular and Joint Pain

You’ve already seen it work wonders for inflammation, but does CBD cream work for pain too?

Because CBD works via the body’s endocannabinoid system, it uses a different pathway to pain than other topical treatments do. This can make it more effective for some people where other treatments have failed them.

When you add this to the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, you can see why it also makes for very effective pain relief.

Want the CBD Cream Benefits Yourself?

If you are experiencing any of the conditions above, you may want to give CBD a try yourself.

There’s still lots of research going on with CBD cream benefits and its applications, but things are looking really promising and many people are having great results.

There’s still lots more to learn and if you’re unsure about what’s best for you, consult your healthcare professional and look around for the best quality products.