6 Different Uses of Mobile Phone for Education

Mobile phones are not just useful tools for communications. Due to the massive improvements done to how mobile phones work, they can also play an important role in the field of education. Gone are the days when teachers dislike the sight of mobile phones in the classroom as they are a distraction for students. These are among the best uses of mobile phones for education:

Enables Students To Record Lectures And Lessons

A lot of teachers now allow students to record lessons on their mobile phones. Since there is an improved understanding of the value of multimedia learning, teachers know that there are students who do better when they take pictures or record audio clips during their classes.

Some educators have also embraced the concept of having a flipped classroom. This is when they do the actual recording of the lectures, which the students can later on listen to or watch if they missed some details about the lesson.

Easier Development Of A Student Response System

There are mobile apps out there that can be used for students to text in their opinions on the discussion. These are especially useful if the teachers want their classes to reflect on what they think about something. It provides a new dimension of how teachers can engage with their students.

Access To Live Polling And Quizzing Tools

Polling and quizzing are the best ways for teachers to know how much the students understood the lesson. With their mobile phones, this can be done well. This can even result in customized instruction for those who are struggling with particular lessons.

Better Ways To Communicate Between Teachers And Students Outside The Classroom

Communication is incredibly important in education. Students must be able to reach out to their teachers should they want to ask questions about their lessons. The best platform for this is an online discussion and chat forum. This facilitates a strong engagement among the members of the class as they will be able to flesh out the topics even outside of the school. It can also provide an opportunity for students to bond with each other on what they are learning.

Simple Platforms For Delivering Materials To Students

One of the best benefits of mobile phones for both teachers and students is the fact that delivering materials is now more efficient than ever. Teachers no longer have to print out reading materials for class as they can easily send them through email or through a cloud-based storage platform.

Due to the expanded capabilities and functions of mobile phones, teachers can also send more than just ebooks and reading materials to students. They can just as effortlessly provide students with recordings and videos that will assist them in studying their lessons. There are even dedicated platforms that teachers can use to make sure their reading materials and resources are organized well for those who will access them.

Different Education Apps Make Life Easy For Students

Education apps are readily available for students of any level to find solutions to their study related problems. Say for example, math is sometimes one of the most complicated subjects to many students. When they need a comprehensive solution to their math problems, they can simply install learn math app in their mobile phones and use as needed basis.

In fact, there are apps for all subjects, some are free and only the most quality apps charge small monthly subscription. IPhone users can install top apple homework app to get help with their homework. On the other hand, Android users can easily access Android tutoring app in their phones to have the same benefits.