5 ways to stay safe when driving at night

Very few of us have experience of driving at night. With most of us partaking in lessons during the day and passing our tests during daylight hours when it comes to driving at night it’s easy to feel a little daunted.

It’s been proven that driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day. Simply because your visibility is dramatically reduced, you’re less likely to spot hazards before it’s too late and you’re more likely to come across drunk and reckless drivers – if you think you need an accident lawyer, click the link to find out more.

So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered 5 simple ways you can stay safe when driving at night.

Check your lights

Do you know how to switch on your lights? Do you know how to activate your full beams or adjust the positioning of your headlamps? You’ll need to know all these things if you want to drive safely at night. Before you set off, make sure that your headlamps and your rear lights are working, you should also check your indicators.

Check your windscreen

Dirt, grime, grease, dead bugs and spray from the roads. Your windscreen gets very dirty during the day, which is usually just a minor inconvenience, however, if your windscreen is still dirty at night then it can cause glare from other lights and make it incredibly difficult to see the road ahead. Keep your windscreen clear and clean with screen wash and a regular wipe down.

Increase your distance

You’re probably already aware of the dangers of tailgating, however at night it’s even more treacherous. Increase your distance between you and the car in front, that way if they stop suddenly, you’ll have enough time to react.

Reduce your speed

We all want to get home as quickly as possible but speeding at night is only going to increase your chances of being involved in a car accident. So, keep to the speed limit and keep the road conditions in mind.

Pedestrians, joggers, and cyclists

Just because it’s nighttime it doesn’t mean the roads will be deserted. When out at night, joggers, cyclists, and pedestrians are encouraged to wear reflective gear and high visibility clothing. Sadly, not all adhere to these safety rules which means as a motorist you need to be extra vigilant. Look out for people crossing the road and cyclists coming up the side of your vehicle.