5 Unique Ways to Make Women Chase You

Want to draw interest from the ladies and have them chasing you left and right? Of course, you do! but how is it done? How can you make yourself so appealing that women will be chasing after you? There are ways to make yourself wanted by women, but you must know exactly what to do to turn heads. Read the five tips below to get started gaining attention and hopefully finding the right woman for you, or at least have fun in the process!

  1. Confidence

Women love confidence. To get a woman to notice you and then chase after you, confidence is key. You can show a woman that you are confident by your body language and how you speak. Avoid fidgeting and shuffling your feet when you walk. Have purpose with your body movements and exude confidence when you walk as well as when you speak. Look women in the eye and they will see that you are full of confidence.

  1. Create a Challenge

Women love a challenge and you can get women to chase you by challenging them with your actions. Create intrigue in conversation and the woman you are interested in will want to get to know you. You have to be charming and challenge the woman to think about you constantly. Talk about interesting things that you do that are appealing, such as a unique hobby or activity you enjoy.

You can also ask unique questions such as ‘What’s something about you I would never know just by looking at you?’. This question is alluring and how the woman answers will show how interested she is in you.

  1. Teasing

A nice flirting technique you can use to get women to chase you is with the push-pull technique. The idea is to push the woman away and make her question if you are interested in her. Do this in a fun way so the female believes you are kidding but she is unsure. If she is interested in you, then she will show you by chasing after you.

Say something like, ‘Oh you are so cute. You remind me of my cousin!’. If the woman is interested in you, she will want you to see her as a desirable woman, not a family member. She will then chase after you, flirting and trying her hardest to get you to notice her beauty.

  1. Jealousy

A tried and true method to get a female to notice you is to bring out her jealousy. You can easily use a UAE escorts model agency to hire a date for the night and show up where the woman you are interested in will be. Walk around and mingle, having fun and flirting with your date at the same time. If the female is interested, she will then chase after you trying to get your attention, jealous of the date on your arm!

  1. Laughter

Lastly, laughter is a great way to gain the attention of a female. Take your time to tell funny stories or jokes and see how she reacts. If she likes you, she will pat your arm when she laughs or throw her hair to the side, trying to get your attention.