5 Tips To Having A Perfect Budget Wedding

Many dream about having a beautiful wedding. However, what many do not plan for is having to pay off the nuptial costs until retirement! On a serious note, though, the wedding industry, and all the trappings it has to offer, is getting out of hand and extravagant wedding affairs seem like the order of the day nowadays. As a result, couples and their families are under undue pressure – however, do you really have to spend a fortune for your wedding day?

The short answer is no! You can have a memorable wedding without breaking the bank. Here’s a sweet summary on the wedding costs and tips that can help cut your budget.

Current Nationwide Numbers

It is never a good idea to compare your wedding to others; but when it comes to learning how much you are likely to spend on a wedding, it’s necessary to know what you are stepping into. The average cost of a wedding in America is $35,329! Pick your jaw and remember that this is just an average figure.

The cost of a wedding in the U.S. looks pricey, but you could spend less than $10,000, not including your honeymoon expenses! Here’s how you can trim the fat from your wedding budget and, if you have issues with your physical appearance, use the excess money to enroll in a weight loss program or to even get a tummy tuck Las Vegas | abdominoplasty – Julio Garcia MD performs and look your best on your big day.

  1. Flowers

In a wedding, flowers are a must-have necessity, but there are workarounds that will ensure the fresh flowers you get, don’t break the wedding bank. Garden roses, gardenias and peonies are the perfect choice until you realize you cannot afford them. But then the florist suggests daisies and alstromeria and the problem is solved. Understanding your budget will help you know exactly the kind of flowers you can have.

  1. Wedding Gown

You may have your mind set on the picture-perfect gown, but before heading to the neighborhood bridal shop, hit the internet scene. The internet can provide you with valuable resources to beautiful yet affordable bride and tea-length bridesmaid dresses | Azazie offers, for example.  The money you save will be huge, and you can use it on other items like purchasing bridal makeup kits.

  1. Trim The Extras


One of the biggest wedding budget drainers is sweating the small stuff. Most of these details include things that almost nobody notices like signs for everything, additional stationary pieces, and custom cocktail napkins. Most of your guests will notice the bar, the food, the energy and the love. They won’t really care about the Pinterest-influenced touches you added to the wedding.

  1. Don’t Use The Word “Wedding” With Vendors

It’s not clear why, but the mere mention of the word “wedding” makes everything become twice as expensive. When talking to people you’d like to hire for a wedding, ensure you get the quote first before you mention that it is for a wedding. This makes it harder for vendors to overcharge if you received a cheaper quote first.

  1. Rent Everything

Finally, rent silverware, plates, the arch, chairs, tables, chair cloths, tablecloths and basically anything you can think of. Rest assured there’s a company that will offer you everything you require and in a great variety of colors too. Keep things simple and rent all you can; after all, it’s unlikely you will use it again!