5 Places to Visit This Summer

Summer is one of the best times for taking a vacation, and if you’ve been looking for a great trip, you’re not alone. Especially because of recent quarantining measures, many people have been thinking up exciting trips to take with their families in order to make the most of the warm weather. Whether you’re looking to unwind or jumpstart a new resolution, here are five different places to consider visiting this summer.

Take in nature (and turn over a new leaf) in Pleasanton, CA.


If you’re looking for a destination where you can enjoy nature and hike many parks and trails, it’s hard to go wrong with the beauty of Pleasanton, CA. Feature Lake Del Valle, Sycamore Grove Park, and the Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area, there are plenty of places to take in nature and enjoy some fresh air on a trip to Pleasanton.

Vacations are also the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, and if you’ve been trying to jumpstart your weight loss journey, Pleasanton, California might be the perfect location to do that, too. Head to a weight loss clinic in Pleasanton to take a good look at your habits and nutrition, and start putting those resolutions into practice in between trips to the various parks and recreation areas on your schedule. JumpstartMD is one of the best clinics in the area located at 5000 Pleasanton Ave., Suite 120 Pleasanton, CA 94566. You can learn more about their services and make an appointment by giving them a call at 925-277-1123.

Win big at the Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park.

If you love to gamble and want to do something exciting with a bit of your stimulus check, the Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park is a great place to head. Known colloquially as a “site for shore eyes,” you can enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves and a beautiful beachfront in between trips to the casino to try and win big. The Mill is also known for its numerous dining options and live entertainment, rounding out your trip for an unforgettable experience.

Take a trip to Lake Michigan.


For swimmers or anyone who loves the water but isn’t interested in traveling to the west coast or south coast for some aquatic fun, Lake Michigan is a great option. Whether you visit Illinois, Michigan, or Wisconsin, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the lake. Some choose to swim and rent a cabin, while others are more interested in fishing or boating. No matter what your style is, you’ll find Lake Michigan and the surrounding towns and cities more than accommodating when it comes to your big summer trip.

Have the ultimate fine dining experience in NYC.

Right now, the restaurant industry is in trouble, which makes it the perfect time to give back and plan a few big-ticket meals. Normally, it would be hard to get reservations at some of New York City’s top dining establishments, but because of current events, even if you can’t get a seat you might be able to take advantage of some seriously upscale carryout. If you’re a budding gourmand or a self-proclaimed foodie, a trip to NYC is a wonderful and delicious way to spend your summer vacation.

Appreciate the majesty of the Grand Canyon.

Sometimes, nature produces some truly awe-inspiring sights. The Grand Canyon is one of those beautiful sites and is something that truly must be seen to be believed. Many people liken their first trip to the breathtaking Grand Canyon as a surreal experience, since the canyon is so wide that it looks like the other side of it is painted instead of truly real. If you like warm weather but aren’t so big on the beach, a road trip to visit the Grand Canyon and the surrounding landmarks is well worth your time.