5 Outdoor Travel and Adventure Gifts

Are you searching for something to gift someone who loves the outdoors? It’s never easy looking for the perfect gift, especially since most people hate at least some of the gifts they receive. However, it doesn’t have to be too much of a hassle. With free shipping and a variety of options, you can shop without leaving your couch. Of course, you need to do your research to ensure it’s an excellent gift.

So, what’s the ideal gift for someone who loves travel and adventure? Forget the usual passport holders and cellphone cases. If you can swing it financially, consider planning a group vacation so they can see all the sights and experience a new place with friends. Or, if you’re on a tighter budget, don’t worry. There are still plenty of options available. Read on for a few ideas.

Coffee or Tea Solutions


For those who love overnight camping adventures and road trips, caffeine is essential. Since it’s not always easy to find a quality coffee shop when you’re camping in the woods, nothing beats a good coffee or tea press. You can pick from several types of portable presses to find the perfect one.

A French press is a good option, but it’s not always travel-friendly. Instead, consider buying a pour-over, travel-friendly coffee maker. Some presses also have temperature control to keep brew hot on-the-go.

Surprise Vacations

Do you know someone who is itching to travel but doesn’t want the hassle of planning a trip? Imagine how excited they would be if you did the hard work for them. You can book a short trip or an extended adventure.

Remember to find out as much as you can about their preferred travel destination if you haven’t visited it yourself. Check online reviews and read travel articles to ensure you book the right place. For example, for a trip to Coos Bay, Oregon, read reviews and first-person accounts. It’s a great way to ensure you pick the right resort in the right area. They can even be a fun read for you, too—for instance, one of the best Coos Bay destinations is cleverly called Site for Shore Eyes.

If you’re not a great planner, book a tour or group holiday package. If you don’t want to presume when they can take a vacation, pick up gift cards and coupons. Find a resort in a location they’ve always wanted to visit and get them a voucher for a free stay.

Outdoorsy Timepieces


Handy tools and cases that store everything from contact lenses to rifles are all great. However, don’t forget about the classic outdoorsy gift—a rugged wristwatch. Many watches offer features that help with adventure and travel. Pick from simple shock-resistant and waterproof styles, or look for those that offer “the works.” Your recipient can check the weather, use it as a compass, and even gauge temperature. It’s a great, compact gift for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Leather Accessories


Leather accessories are perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. Sure, you can get a canvas tote, but wouldn’t a leather case be much more exciting? Not all leather will stay in excellent condition outdoors, though, so pick wisely. If your friend owns a shotgun, get the adventure lover in your life a leather shotgun case.

You can also buy smaller leather accessories. Pick a leather case for their phone or camera. If you have a larger budget, leather jackets are a fantastic option. Or, you can invest in leather luggage for frequent travelers. Ensure that all accessories have a waterproofing treatment, so they’re more durable outdoors.

Cooking Solutions


How many granola bars can someone eat to survive? Travel snacks are great, but a nutritious meal is always a better idea. Since it’s not easy to cook in the outdoors, don’t look for gourmet food boxes. Instead, keep your food gift simple. A great option is to look into cooking solutions instead of food items.

For example, gift camping enthusiasts a portable grill or a camping stove. You can also gift them collapsible camp sinks, so they don’t have to worry about washing up later. Collapsible sinks also help reduce the risk of toxins from soap polluting rivers, lakes, or oceans.