5 Best Ways To Increase Your Search Marketing In 2019


These days it seems that there are so many different options when it comes to marketing and advertising, with some business owners feeling a bit over their heads when it comes to ensuring they’re doing their best to advertise their business in ways they think is best. While it’s true that advertising can be easier than ever, it can also be quite confusing what with so many choices. So which options do business owners have these days when it comes to marketing? Here are five of the best ways to increase your search marketing in 2019.

Publish Content

Publishing content that is relevant to your business is key to helping your search results and search marketing. Having content with keywords specific to your business as well as relevant links to other posts in your blog will help drive traffic and bump your rankings up in searches on the likes of Google and Yahoo. Not only is relevant content key, but your website visitors don’t want to read about automotives if your company sells candles, for example.

Publish On A Consistent Basis

This is probably both the easiest and the hardest thing to do with a website or blog. While it sounds easy to publish content regularly to keep your site fresh, engaging and relevant, finding the time when you’re a busy business owner can be daunting. Many find themselves having to write their blogs at night, after dinner and on the weekends which doesn’t work for many. Some companies hire bloggers specifically to take care of this aspect of their business to ensure a lack of regular content doesn’t affect their SEO results.

Use Alt Tags, Also Known As Alternative Text Descriptions

This is an important tool used in search marketing and means that automated sites such as Google can read images. While robots and search engines cannot ‘view’ images, they can read text, particularly HTML text and so using alt tags allows the site to read keywords within the alt tag, helping it identify where it should rank in listings. This is key as images often play a large role in creating excellent SEO, due in part to search engines being able to read the alt tags and keywords to help rankings.

Have A Linked Up Site

Links play a huge role in SEO and help the whole process, including getting you higher rankings on searches. Using keywords that link to relevant sites will help your organic rankings get higher in searches, resulting in more clicks and visits to your page, with potentially more customers and sales. Hiring a company like Click Consult to help you with all aspects of SEO including links can be a great way to ensure you’re doing the job right, or they can even take over and handle it all for you. One thing’s for certain though, getting professionals on board is a great way to ensure you get the best results.

Use Metadata

The use of metadata can sound like it’s hugely complex but metadata actually just gives information about other data. In this case the use of metadata – or more specifically meta tags – can help search engines like Google find web pages like yours and rank them through the use of specific keywords and other information. Metadata and meta tags will give information about a website to the search engine so it knows where to put the page in results.

So if you’ve been wondering about how you can get better rankings in your search results this year, consider the five ways above to help get higher and better results, meaning more sales and customers for you. Check out this infographic below for more information as well. Good luck!