2021 Health & Wellness Trends

Thinking about your health and well being as you ring in the New Year? You’re not alone. In 2021, likely more people than ever have started to become aware of the importance of staying in good health. While some health and wellness trends come and go every year, others, like certain vitamin-packed superfoods or trying out yoga postures for sleep, have proven to have more staying power. If you’re searching for healthy ways to detox flu season or if you just want to be aware of what the wellness landscape might look like in 2021, here are some of the top trends that you can expect may pick up traction in the coming months.

Grooming Will Start To Transform into Self-Care

In the past, grooming may have had a bit of a negative reputation as a shallow or vain activity. Today, however, a shift in perception has led to grooming becoming a component of self-care. Skincare and hair care, for example, are no longer just for improving appearance but for helping you relax. Some examples of this self-care shift include:

No-touch massages facilitated with high-tech machines

Quarantine self-haircuts guided by expert videos

Improved skincare routines as “me time” instead of vanity

Expect an Emphasis on Unwinding and Taking Mental Health Time

If 2020 has left any wellness legacy, it’s that taking care of your mental health is essential. In 2021, there will likely be a continued emphasis on finding ways to de-stress and looking after mental and emotional health more. Some popular ways to practice this form of self-care include hot yoga, sleep meditation kids and other forms of end-of-the-day unwinding, such as journaling, knitting, listening to soothing music or enjoying a hot tea and a good book.

Workouts Will Be Short, Sweet and Possibly Virtual

Heading into 2021, one major shift you can expect to see is in the format of typical workouts. In the past, workouts were often seen as a hassle, something to cross off the to-do list as soon as possible. Today, workouts are shifting to become more accessible and enjoyable, even to those on tight schedules. Some gyms or trainers, for example, have started offering 20- or 30-minute quick workouts that you can easily squeeze in on your lunch break. Additionally, the 2020 trend of virtual workouts, or video-chatting with an instructor while working out in the comfort of your home, is likely to keep up as well.

Wellness trends seem to shift all the time, but some trends end up having significant staying power. Some of the rising trends this year that have a high possibility of sticking around for years to come include a deeper emphasis on mental health, a shift to schedule-friendly workouts and a renewed perspective on self-care. Whether you’re hoping to keep up with the latest health and wellness trends or you just want to get healthy in preparation for the flu season, knowing which trends to keep an eye out for can help you stay on the cutting edge of wellness in the New Year.